Wednesday, 30 September 2009


(when did he end up looking so goofy?!)

We're all still here. I've just been busy. No change there then... I seem to have lost time since the kiddos have started school and pre-school. And plus Ben has been pretty ill this week. Today has been his first 'nearly back to normal day'.
I am trying to catch up with stuff... but failing miserably! I have just read this blog, it's my fave blog ever. Like. Really. The. Best.
Well, gotta go off to work later... in about half an hour... so oughta get ready to go.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

I'm here...

...just extremely tired *yawn*

Kev's mum is pretty poorly at the mo and she started chemo last week. I'm not sure when life is taking us all at the mo. Last week we had Ben and Em's birthdays, both started pre-school and big school!, Em lost two teeth, Joan got diagnosed with cancer and started chemo, Kev started back to work, my work called me in for an emergency meeting as we have been taken over and altogether life is hectic. I am just in a crazy kind of limbo.
I'm in that pretty cross, annoyed, rah stage. That maybe I shouldn't share on here. Maybe this should be a happy and fluffy place but I have to vent! This is putting life into perspective and how maybe I need to re-evaluate how life is going right now.

And to prove i've totally lost it, i've been making cards! Yes, seriously. Although my SC kit came on Thursday and I did attempt to start a LO, which is sitting upstairs now... unfinished.

Life at the mo seems like one huge to do list.

So I will try to catch up with piccies next week...