Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Piccies! :)

Just a few bits to share with you:
This was my first try out using cork on a LO. I also stamped on it with my torn *tsk,tsk* october afternoon stamps! Check out the weird cardigan. Yes, I was an 80's kiddo. :)

This is the first pic i've scrapped of my eldest sis. Kinda hard to do, our relationship is pretty much non-exsitent. But this photo was taken at a happy time. A time when I wish I had more photos.

Look away if you're easily offended!!

This one is pretty rude! 'Scuse the rude-ness... Taken from the 'dares' book... I just knew this title was so apt.

I am loving the green in this picture, esp. when atm there is hardly any green around :)

And these last few are just a peek at how amazing my SoML CJ is... I just think you gals rock the scrappy scene...

Michelle, I totally agree with you here. I miss freedom too and although i'd never be without my kiddos the whole 'responsibility' thing can get alittle heavy from time to time.

Sara, this LO made me cry. I can't believe how much strength your relationship must have for you to be apart and how strong you must be for Hunter. :wub you:

Thanks for stopping by... now I have room on my camera I can take more pics... I just uploaded 103!! :) More projects to follow!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

7 Random Facts...

Katy ( has tagged me and so here are my seven random facts...
  1. Today, I have made 3 lovely little gifts from old scrapping supplies (ok, the paper was new but the paint cans were just gathering dust).
  2. I have hoovered the stairs... (told you they were random)
  3. I am currently watching Emily prance around in her HSM get-up.
  4. I am already starting to think about my new years resolutions...
  5. I have been trying to organise my scrapping supplies for over a week now. (to no avail)
  6. I love facebook!
  7. I have a CJ to post!

Other than tidying, working (!) and just being on Mum duty... I haven't much to report. I am planning on trying to photograph all my projects and get them on here though. I know that my scrappy pics have been non-exsitent lately and am planning on not being so slack.

Thursday, 13 November 2008


Life is just so busy atm.

On Mondays life is a whirl as i've worked all weekend and the house is in chaos... So I spend the morning trying to tidy up, the kiddos want to spend time with me and Em has school in the afto.

On Tuesdays we just do things together. We play and I carry on with the mammouth task of washing and drying.

On Wednesdays Em is at school until 1pm so we rush around to get her there and then Ben and I have some time together. He is so happy and easy on his own... no squabbling :) :) :)

On Thursdays (today) we have the major clean/tidy up/housework day. The whole of downstairs is blitzed. Yes, we hoover more or less everyday but on Thursdays things are done properly. The ironing gets done *groan*, all the mounting opened mail gets put away. The washing and ironing is put away. More washing is done.

I get myself ready for the weekend ~ I feel that if the house is in some sort of order, I am ready to work non-stop from Friday AM til Sunday PM. This is how it is every weekend.

And i'm not saying that I don't like it like this. I actually like feeling busy. Knowing I have heaps to do. Mentally it keeps me healthy. I feel happy and my life has a purpose. I have a purpose in making sure the house, our home ticks over for a whole three days on its own.

So, that's what i've been doing today. Getting ready for the weekend (workend) and the special visitors we have coming next weekend.... My sister is coming with her three for Saturday and we are all so excited :)

Other than all of that... Marion has gone away for a few weeks to Florida, so all hands to the pump in the shop... and I am teaching two classes on Sunday *which I still have kits to make up for*! I am also trying to makemy Crimbo cards and get them all ready to go out on December the first. This year I promise to send friends in the US and OZ cards and little gifts.

I have two of the best kits to use up too. Firstly my SoML kit arrived a while ago ( and my studio calico ( both of them have some weathervane yummies in them. I just had to order Mr.Campy stamps from Sara @ SoML too ;) that range is just so retro and cool. I also have a heap of stamps (I am loving those cheapie imaginisce ones ~ which are fab quality) which I haven't used... :( And a heap of halloween goodies I still have to use up! My mojo just seems to have vanished into thin air atm. Maybe getting some piccies printed up might spur me into scrapping...?

...Or maybe my mojo is fleeting because i'm spending tooooooo much time chatting to scrappy buddies on facebook... I am so totally happy a few US gals I know have joined facebook! I am absoloutely addicted to flitting around, sending IM's and nattering. :)

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


I read a beautiful quote today on a journo LO. It was '...the world got its HOPE back.' It just dawned on me right then. The word HOPE is so special. Through good times and bad thoughout our lives we all have hope. Whether we are 4 or 40 we have it.
  • Emily currently is hoping for a pink DS for Crimbo.
  • I am hoping for a peaceful night of scrapping.
  • Kev is most probably hoping for West Ham to win.
  • Ben is hoping not to get caught when he delves into the cutlery draw for the hundreth time today.
  • I am hoping on a lotto win this weekend (same as every Saturday).
  • I am hoping that the kiddos don't get this sickness bug going around.
  • I am hoping that I will be well when I have to go in for my exploratory surgery.
  • I am hoping that everyone I know is health and safe, no matter where in the world they are.
  • I am hoping that I will enjoy 'The Family' tonight.
  • I am hoping that I will always appreciate HOPE.

Do you get me? Do you get the HOPE thing too? I Guess I may want to start a HOPE Journo too.

So, what else has happened to me in the last 24 hrs. Not much. I had drs app. I have to have exploratory surgery which I am not so happy about :( You know I am pretty worried about it. I guess though that millions of peeps each day have surgeries and are ok. I just worry what might be wrong with me to need it. And so in preperation I had to go and have a blood test today. Which is pretty much as traumatic as being told you need surgery LMAO. My veins are non-exsistent. Even for a fat bird :) So after being stabbed a few times and having my arm totally butchered, I have a huge swollen purple bruise. Which has made me cranky as the kids always seem to hang off this arm, which now hurts. I HOPE they stop. ;) But it's nice to know after two years someone is listening to me. I have HOPE.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I have returned to school. Well. Ok. Not quiet. But hey a virtual, online school. My new teachie is the fab... Ashley Wren. OMG! This class already has me hooked. Journo'ing is the most important part of scrapping to me. Ok, You may of been swayed by pretty paper, sparkly goodies and satin ribbons... but hey. Remember why we do this hobby, right? The memories. The most important, insignificant stuff on paper. (and the most important stuff too) Just everything. Our lives. Our memories. right there on paper, forever. So anyhow. This class. Evidence. Cool, huh?

Right now I think it's be good to have an ongoing random journo full of natter. All the stuff that gets forgotten. Like how Ben is obssessed by saying 'all~gone'. Like the fact Emily stays for lunch at pre-school tomorrow for the first time ever... Like the fact I am learning to let go.

So today I have to go buy a new notebook. (I hear you *like you don't have a million already*) I have a docs app this afto too... so it'll be a good little treat to myself afterwards. And then Kev has to go back to work and teach the evening class. I will have kiddos in bed on time :) and then surround myself in paper. With wine. With a yummy supper. And try and be a good student. I will get my homework done. I will try and print out all those fabby flashcards teachie has created lovingly. I will not deviate onto facebook and spend endless hours laughing to myself like a weirdo ;)

I will also complete the kit blog sketches and upload them. I will also think of a cool project to do with this months kit.

I am going to be busy.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Heavy times...

We had Paul's funeral last Thursday and life has been one blur since then. It was hard seeing seven amazing friends turned into six. It was heart wrenching hearing Michelle's sobs and hearing Paul's mum asking why her baby had been taken away. Loss is hard to bear at any time but he was in his early thirties, how can this be fair??

Amazingly though we all had a laugh about the times we'd spent together and thought of Michelle and Bobbi and Dave. We have made promises to be better friends and actually see each other more often. I guess a big shock and loss does this. And i'm hoping it's going to be true as I think no one truly appreciates what they have until it's gone. I am now pestering Kev daily to text Lee and make sure he is ok :) Even though we are all far apart and spread across the UK, we're going to see and hear from each other much more ;)

On a much lighter note, work is busy. Working at L/C is as stressful as ever :) But saying that I guess we try and see the funny side of it all while we're there. And of course there is always time to read the hillarious e.mails which flood my inbox ;)
And in the shop ( it's fab, as always. I'm kinda spoilt with this job. Not only is it like working in my idea of heaven but there's also the best girls there. Thank you so much to Addi for inviting me to her 'Sex and Pizza' night (Kev got very excited until he realised it was actually Sex in the City and pizza) the company was great. And thanks to Marion for my lift home ;) I am looking forward to our crafty get together nearer to Crimbo.

I am also in lurvvvveee with facebook ;) This place is the coolest place to hang online. It reminds me i'm not just 'muuuuuummmm' and i'm me;) I am a person who has a fab (if not pretty colourful) past and some super~dooper buddies.

I also signed up for this Yes, it looks funky~licious. TBH I need some Crimbo-ness booted into me. I have only a few gift brought and no cards made. It's already freakin' November! I'm hoping that this will be the rocket that I need up my big fat bum to get doing....