Friday, 30 May 2008


I found this old piccie kickin' around on Kev's laptop...
How cute was this bubba??
I have been AWOL. I'm back now, well kinda. So much has been happening this last weekend and week...
Monday was the MEGA crop with Debbie Jewell, Shimelle and the fantabulous Ann (we love you even if some nasty, meanie old smackers don't ;)) and it was fabby. Had the best time, ate farrrr to much and sat next to the funniest person on the planet ~ Shaulean you rock paper laydee :)
Then this week has been a whirlwind of half term, visiting friends, work, playing with my new ipod!, family staying over, sorting out a huge ebay dispute, the dreaded dentist and Emily's immunisations. Today Kev has taken Emily off to see Charlie and Lola at Wimbledon's Polka theatre (which is a cool theatre just for littlies)... I have been up to some exciting new ventures...!
People say that luck comes in three's. Well I had three pieces of good luck starting from last night, at work I cleared the air with our acting manageress and in the process found another job there I could do during the school holidays :) Then today, I had an email with a new prospective little job :) and I also went somewhere very yummy, scrummy and was offered another job *insert big huge grin* I cannot tell you how happy I am :) I honestly and truthfully will share when I know I definately can!
Well, a small mouth to feed and a mountain of toys to tidy up.... better get back to it!
P.S. Weight loss going GREAT, I have lost 1 stone and 1 lb!! (that pound matters :))

Thursday, 22 May 2008

I have a new toy :)

Emily being rather cheeky on the 'American Whip' at Southend ;)

I decided to get a new moby a while ago. I figured now I was working alot I needed something reliable. Well, the phone I ordered came with an ipod touch. Well... it came yesterday and despite being the most dumbest person when it comes to technology I can use it! And I love it :) So last night I put a few CD's on there. It's a cool little thing.

So today, i'm going to sew myself a funky little case for it.

Monday, 19 May 2008


I worked all weekend. When I say all, I mean all. I was supposed to be on splits but one of my colleagues was taken to hospital on Friday with stress. Yes, blue lights and everything. I guess when I think my job is stressful, I now know it really is. So I worked 6:30am til 9pm on paper although, it is actually closer to ten by the time I get out of the door on both Saturday and Sunday. We were busy. We were super busy. There were alot of complaints about carers. ALOT of getting shouted at. ALOT of carers running behind (because so many went off sick and so many extra calls were given out)... and in all this chaos the diet is still going strong ;)
Even when, on Sunday I had three peeps eating yummy, yummy bacon, eggs, mushrooms in a cob.... I still stuck to my big 'D'.

I can say though, last night I slept so well... I just can't remember any of the night. I think I was comatosed :) And Emilycame in bed this morning and we both went back to sleep in a little snuggle. The postman woke us at 8:45am with a box of goodies *sigh* damaged goodies... yes, the ravages of the postal service totally have savaged a beautiful beatiful pile of stash...

Friday, 16 May 2008

Friday already.

I just *have* to show you this!

I used this months Zany Zinnia and I just love these papers. I've brought soooo much of the Sassafras (oh, when did they loose the lass?) and I just am in love with it all. The 'deer'est has to be my fave range but I admit to not being able to cut into it just yet, although I do have the best LO idea kicking round in my head.

But any hoooo, back to Zany Zinnia. Well, yes. It's fabby. I just love the whole kit. The spangly, velvet flowers weren't really me but as you can see I am trying with flowers. I cut those out with my new toy *grin* did I tell you I got an expression??? lol :) This was the first LO I actually used it on. I love it, although I will admit I might've been quicker cutting them by hand. I amnot the speediest at working it all out and I still have to look back in the little catridge booklets for the actually piece I want cutting. And I did more stiching. I love freehand stiching on LO's and have embroidery silk in every colour imaginable except black. No idea why I have no black but I don't. And if I don't have the exact colour I want I just get the white and dye my own. Watercolour paints work wonders for dying white embroidery silk ;) (and so does glimmer mist too)

And then this piccie. When you were in your teenage years/early twenties, ever have a weird drink you used to love? Blue diesel. Thats what this is. Although I once thought it was blue knees up. Honestly, thats what it sounded like when someone told me while a sound system was blarring... you can guess the type of place, huh? Well the other week I had one, it tastes good but looks pretty revolting. But it made me feel alot less geriatric.

p.s. I have splits all weekend... so no me around if you email me. See y'all next week, happy weekend :)

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Weigh in Wednesday.

5 lbs! Yes. I lost 5lbs this week. I might add also that my 'meal' allowance has been well over 600 cals. I have eaten bananas and ice cream and a piece of carrot cake. But I still lost 5 lbs. So it's spurred me on to carry on for this week, the next and beyond... Good luck to all you girls dieting. And yes being weighed at the doc's is just criminal :) I hate it.

So besides my big weigh in, I got my Zany Zinnia, Scrap a go go and my SoML kits today! No sign of my Studio Calico... I got the printer ink arrive too which means that I can begin to print off piccies for the Enfield mega crop with Shimelle and Debbie Jewell. Traci Hudson had to pull out due to her poorly elbow... but Ann has come up with a cute mini book class so i'm happy :) And i'm pretty lucky to have a place as there is a waiting list, so smiles all round!

So right now, while my two sit and watch Jim Jam and Sunny... i'm going to idulge myself in alittle paper stroking and oooh~ing at my kit good~ness... And if I had to choose one? Sara Berry you rock! SoML is still rocking the kits:)

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

I have a big bug!

An old Sunny Southend piccie (took at Easter...)

My expression arrived this morning :) All the way from Illinois (is that how you spell it?)... Well, it's here. I 'borrowed' the printer lead and so I can plug it in, seens as it has a US plug. I love it. Emily has had me cutting apples all morning. I know once I get the SCAL software going I will be swept away with its capabilities. I have a million and one projects planned! (and a list *soooooo* long with fonts to download to use)

We are enjoying the sunshine here, the past few days have been so hot! I worked all weekend again. I was supposed to just work on Saturday 6:30am til 4pm. No, I got home at 10:50pm on Saturday night and went back in on Sunday for more! 6:30am til 11:30am and I was nearly forced into staying (WTF! The ideas of that place sometimes are alittle strange!) And I nearly had the phone all Saturday night too! So I missed the whole sunny weekend but did earn alot more than I anticipated, so it's all good.

And the diet ~ i'm still going! So yes, I feel for all you laydees who are cutting back on the food and coke/pepsi/dr.pepper... and the alcohol... lol! (or not, as I refuse to cut that out!) Big Weigh In Wednesday tomorrow!! :)

Friday, 9 May 2008

It's all gonna be about the diet thing from now on in...

Well, all is well in 'diet land'! I still don't feel hungry and infact I had a small salad with my shake yesterday lunch as my 'snack' allowance and I felt so full (I had no dressing on it so no panic there!)
A big thanks for Joanna(her cute etsy shop is here! for telling me about the whole coke thing. My sin is great as I drink 'full-fat' coke too... *hears gasps everywhere*... Well, I thought about having some last night and then thought better of it. I am guessing now the caffeine in it would keep me awake all night long now any how. I have not given up drinking though... that makes me sound like an alchie! And I know that its super fattening but given what I weigh and the fact i'm not asking to become Kate Moss... I figure i'm loosing anyhow without cutting the alcohol out of my life.
I also signed up for a Karen Burniston class ( it looks super fabby...! And promise to share once i've created it. I'm going to use some real old supplies though that are filling my paper box up...

Have a happy Sunshine-y weekend.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

I'm not hungry (yet)

So the SF diet is going well. Shake for breakie, shake for lunch and last night I had pizza and a huge salad. I am guessing I did go over the 600 cals that i'm 'supposed' to have but seens as I have so much to loose and when i've done the plan before I have had whatever I wanted (within reason) for my 'meal'. And yesterday I didn't eat any snacks either.

I didn't even have a single sip (let alone 2 litres) of coke *gasp* yes really. None what so ever. I haven't today either. Water all the way. Can't promise this will last though.

On the coke subject ~ a random fact... today in 1886 Coke was first brought out (except it contained cocaine, which was replaced by caffeine 17 years later)... it's still addictive and for me to cut it out it has to be cold turkey. I can't just do one glass, one enevitably leads to another...

Still no pics... but Happy VE Day.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

OMG! It's been a whole week!!!

I've not posted for a whole week. It's not because I haven't been doing anything, I have. Thats the problem.

I worked ALL bank holiday. It was busy. It was hot and I was tired! :) I don't quiet know how I managed to get through Monday but somehow I did.

And I have been making stuff, I have about 10 or so LO's to put up... BUT... (yes, there's a but) my lappy top needs all my piccies taking from it ~ it's too full. And so atm i'm being majorly mean with my piccies. Like, i'm not uploading any. So I can't show you any of the stuff I did with last months Studio Calico or the gorgeous pink paislee I got from Angel Crafts... yet.

I can tell you how excited I am about the Enfield all day crop on the 26th. I can also tell you how bloomin' exctied I am to not be working on that day too!

I've ordered an expression too... Yes, Mrs. I will never own any die cutting machines ~ will! I simply fell in love with Dee's at crop. I have found out everything there is to know about SCAL from craft edge. It looks like the best software ever. It'll make it just like a robo but easier to use. And I am sick of having heaps of letters I will never use hanging around ~ yes we all know the ones. The z's, w's and all the weird letters we rarely use. Now, i'm not saying I won't ever buy any alphas again *huge grin* but it may help with my thickers addiction.

And today. I started slim fast. I last did it properly in 2001 and lost over 2 stone. Today I probably need to loose like at least five stone *yikes*... So today i've shaked for breakie and later on i'll shake for lunch. I also did my big weigh in today to. I'm contemplating actually measuring my fat belly, bum, thighs and bust and seeing what I loose and where. And i'm going to make a journo too to write it all in. I simply cannot get any fatter and although I know that i'll never be any Kate Moss... I need to regain some sort of figure rather than resembling the absorbaloff from Dr.Who.