Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Picture heavy post.

So, since I have been away from blog-land for a long while. I have a few bits to share. The majority of these were created well before my hectic work schedule began. Well, ok this one was made the other night with my new box of SC goodies :)

The lace was from Pitsea market... A bargain at £1 for 3 long metres...!

This photo cracks me up... Emily does pull some of the funniest faces.... :P

How many photos can you fit on a LO? One? Two? Maybe more......?

...... Alot of photos on this one. Summing up our lives together so far....

Speaks for itself really, doesn't it?

Apple made from a maya road mini chipboard tree. I love trees... but I also love apples too. And this binding was from etsy. I am not sure of the seller but no doubt she is added into my favourites.

Yum. SC kit. Yum. Cork alphas. Yum. Brass charm and very worn and vintage pearl buttons from etsy. Again, i'm unsure of the selller.

SC kit again.... I love this weirdly taken pic of Benji and me. It makes me happy and sums up us.

I wanted to document that Ben calls hair 'feathers' at the moment.... :D

My first house love. This was my little baby in Debryshire... And even though I think we had the neighbours from hell. Seriously. It was and still is my fave little house. I loved this place.

Ummm. Weird LO but one that should be documented.

The kids, Kev and me at Barleylands farm...

Me in an extra special and happy time in my life. I want to remember this moment forever. Its so much more than just a couple of pictures of me.

It's officially an end of an era. Emily is off to big school, Benji off to pre-school and no more baby naps!! :(
Right, must feed kids and must get jobs done as i'm working tonight!!

Super Furry Animal

I have been feeling like a hamster of late. Meaning that I have been working non-stop and thats about it. It's always the same, every holiday, I go all out and work all I can. It means that blogging, crafting and any other activity apart from eating and sleeping are really out of my life for six or so weeks. It's coming to an end ;) Mixed feelings really. I like the 'stress', the motivation, I hate the no mojo, no time, tiredness, hardly seeing anyone, the rushing out of the house at some ungodly hour of the morning, feeling like I have a phone taped to my ear (!)... but I love the company and I will love my pay cheque in September... will pay for Disneyland Paris, which we are taking the kids to in October! Emily is sooooooo excited. Ben is excited but unsure why. He just chases her round screaming disney :D So we have that to look forward to. Seems like it will be fun.

And just because I haven't been making, doesn't mean I haven't been buying. I have! I have had three magnificent Studio Calico kits arrive in the time i've been away (ok, maybe just two... i'm unsure) And of course the new stuff is starting to hit the shop!! MLS is gorgeous... I have yet to use it though.

We are having a time with my MIL, she is really quiet poorly and so we are all awaiting test results. She goes in for a biopsy tomorrow and fingers, toes and any other limb is crossed for her.

Emily also is eager to start 'big' school! She starts on the 9th and she cannot wait. We have enough school-i-form to sink a ship, including what seems like the most expensive pair of childrens shoes ever ;) I am mixed about it all. My first bubba starting school! She has loved the four taster sessions though and all of her pre-school friends are there... so I know she will be fine. It's just bringing it home even more that she is growing up and isn't my baby anymore. I know a lot of you are having this right now... I feel for you all! And Ben starts pre-school two mornings a week too! OMG! I will have 4.5 hours to myself each week! No doubt it will be filled with ironing, tidying, cleaning... etc... But all mine! :)

And just to keep you happy ;) This was made with last months SC kit... Fabric rip strips are ace :)

Sassafras stickers can be made to look less 'sticker-ish' with abit of 3d foam tape and buttons...

An old photo but I love this one. It's so much more than a beach photo. It was taken just before Ben was born. I was heavily preg and it was a sweltering summer... I lived in a blue and brown patterned cotton skirt to keep me cool... And this was taken on our last trip to MIL caravan before they sold it... So much more than a beach pic. :)