Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Hooray and Happy New Year!!!

A little card to celebrate a 'corking' birthday... stamping on cork is soooo cool!

How did you know I was gonna love this paper range???

And this quote just has me. I love it. Also am loving doodling and doodle-ey writing atm...
and of course watercolour with versa ink pads :) Its the cheapest LO to make,
Just 1 sheet of bazzill.

A belated Happy Crimbo!

Did you all have a good Crimbo??? I know we did. Too much food was eaten... ;) but it was fabby all the same. Santa brought me a nice new lap top and so blogging and piccies are back on. 'Cept it's soooo bloomin fancy it won't let me upload my piccies until I re-charge the battery *sigh* Technology is all good but sometimes alittle too clever... I only wanted a couple of pics off... :) So right now the battery is charging and i'm gonna add some stuff as soon as I can.

Tonight is new years and i'm working. With Kev off from teaching, I have been working day in and day out since Saturday. I'll finish on Sunday and I can honestly say, i'll be pooped. 5:20am every morning does NOT agree with me. The freezing cold frost is more than enough to make me happy i've got plenty of meat on my bones :lol: I have been very happy working with Jodie though... she doesn't half make me smile.

On the crafting front... I have been making stuff...! Lots and lots and lots of stuff. And of course I went to Sugar and Spices PJ crop and finished 4 LO's... YES 4!!! Also me and a couple of friends have booked up a little cottage to go and stay in, in Feb... We will be scrapping the days and nights away. I am already thinking about the projects I want to finish/start and have a go at. I am going to order piccies too (usually I just print myself but it takes much longer than you ever think it will)... I have classes to design and put together for Sugar and Spice (!) I am defo doing another card class and a LO/mini :)

I have ordered my Studio Calico kit, after completely using my last main kit... I have yet to start the new calendar I got as an add on but I figure this afternoon would be a good time to start with it being the 31st of December. This year I plan to make the most of these beautiful kits after getting some very, very sad news in December... that Sara has decided to take a break from SoML kits :( Her stamps were just the best and the cutest. The kits were my all time fave and i'm absolutely miserable that I won't be having a kit in January. (and to boot she is one of the sweetest ladies) Still I ordered a healthy dose of Studio Calico this month and cannot wait until it arrives... I will be stalking the postie from next week until it arrives ;)

Right off to see if that camera battery has enough juice....

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Just lately life has been extra busy. So busy infact, I haven't actually realised how busy it's been. You know when one week just goes into another and another and another. I have just been so busy.
And to make things busier... Crimbo is literally just around the corner. Do you know how busy things are going to get???!! Luckily because we had an early Crimbo with my sister and her three, I really haven't many gifts left to get. Just bits for friends, the rest of Bens and Kevs. The items that stress me most are wrapping paper *grr* long tubes + busy streets = stress :)
I have written mostly all of the cards we are going to send and so they need to be stamped/weighed and sent...
Emily has her first Crimbo concert next week :) :) :) She is very excited :) and i'm hoping that we are all over colds by then. I have work all weekend and after this weekend, I don't particulary look forward to it. Saturday at work was a very stressful 15 hours long. I was happy to be home though and not just because I was home but because I knew that I wasn't going back on Sunday ;)

And I have been making. I just need to upload. That is the story of my life.