Saturday, 31 March 2007

Yeah! The start of the Easter hols!

Well, the Easter holidays are here and Kevy has now finished work for two weeks. We have no set in stone plans but I would like to visit Colchester Zoo and Southend with my 'new baby' to take some piccies of the kids. Plus Emily would be absolutely amazed at the zoo at the mo... she loves animals and would be totally in awe of it all.

We braved tesco's this morning! Yikes, it was so busy. I hate shopping on Saturdays and for some reason all the people in the Pitsea tesco's are so ignorant! Firstly you get pushed from pillar to post along each isle then the checkout woman just slung every item along without offering to help or asking if I was ready! It's so much easier doing it online and will remember that next week.

Managed to make a fabby LO last night, documenting the birth of Ben and started Emily's too. I used the bazzill bling cardstock and a silver pen- lots of handwritten journalling and buttons. And I got the chance to use my MM glitter alphas which look lovely. Will upload the piccies later!

Have read elsie's blog and have noticed that she has set up an etsy store... wow her goodies are fabby and have made me giddy! I am now back on that little avenue and become motivated to do my own because I too have some fabby stuff to sell, am now going to be dedicated to take piccies and set it up tonight; if I have time!

Thursday, 29 March 2007

(forgot to mention) Emily did TWO wee's on the potty!

It's a milestone reached and she really isn't my baby any more, she is growing into a beautiful, outgoing and energetic little lady now. She has managed two wee's on the potty. Yesterday we had one large wee (I thought the potty was going to overflow!) on the potty but then four accidents on the floor...! But today- on here own steam, she managed two on the potty...! She had gone off into the lounge then proudly marched into the kitchen telling me wee-wee and clutching the potty; which I swiftly took from her before she spilt it!

Thumbs up darling, my big girl!!!

Wow-eee! I have a new baby!

I have a new baby for my birthday (21st of April) a canon rebel 300D SLR camera! And it is the most wonderful present! I have been snapping piccies left right and centre. Kev keeps calling me 'the papp' but I LOVE IT! It is soooooooooo exciting! And i'm now imagining all the wonderful piccies that i'll take and cherish forever with my new baby. Emily has also taken a shine to it but even so she still won't stay still for one minute. Ben, however is a slightly better model- he cannot escape Mummy's clicks! Thank you Kevy, Emily and Ben for such a wonderful gift.
Wow and double wow... check out and drool over all the fabby stuff! The whole website is making me giddy with excitement!!! And I have lost lots of hours just browsing and dreaming about making such fabby things. It is so kitsch and wow-some! Bewarned though if you do go on this site you are likely to become hooked!!! (Thanks Elsie for directing me to it!) Check out the piccies above of the fabby sock dog, aptly named 'Jewel' for sale on there and then my etsy inspired creations. Trying to make a few children's tee's to sell on there are the mo, but seem to be loosing time!

I have also been checking out so many wonderful exciting blogs- musing of a stash junkie to be but one and Shimelle's blog too- she reminds me so much of Elsie Flannigan. I have been busy gathering little bits of inspiration and now just need to have the time and space to let it out! I feel sometimes I have so much stuff spinning in my head that I can't sleep imagining such fabby ideas and designs.

Also I am becoming utterly obessed with desperate housewives. You know what? It just keeps getting better and better- some of it unbelievable but even so such good fun. And have noticed something that I never realised- Tom Scavo is so gorgeous (not quiet Billie Joe hot but nearly)... ! But then it's not just his 'look', he is a wonderful and caring hubbie to Lynette who is a little hero of mine. And when will Susan and Mike finally get it on??? I wish she'd stop fooling around with that bumbling Englishman because he just doesn't suit her, the same goes for Gabrielle and Carlos---- please reunite ALL couples and make Wysteria Lane happy!
Also have been waiting for photos from for nearly three weeks now! Needless to say I am NOT happy one little bit! I have emailed them countlessly and had several snotty replys from them too (don'tcha just hate rude ppl?) and hopefully they will be here tomorrow. Best of it is I only ordered a few prints and i' sure it would've been easier to print them off myself. I cannot wait for them to arrive though!
I also have another special little package arriving- aren't I lucky??? It's from and Helen is wonderful, I can honestly say (and I have used alot of scrapbooking suppliers) She is the nicest i've ever dealt with. She has called me reagarding my order, refunded money for two papers out of stock, emailed me with all the updates on the order process and sent it out on next day delivery even thoughI did not pay for it. Thank you! Now i'm waiting in tomorrow until it arrives because I really want to stroke those wonderful papers!

Friday, 16 March 2007

Happy Red Nose Day!

Hey happy red nose day! Give generously as it's for a great cause... We have done our bit and have noses and have donated... piccies of kids to follow!!!

One more sleep, as my crop is tomorrow- really looking forward to it and cannot wait. Lets hope it is GOOD and worth while using a 'pass-out' for... i'm sure it will be scrapping always is. I am rather disappointed though as my pics I ordered from pixmania are not here and show no signs of being here before the weekend is out... I think it's pretty poor because I did order them on Monday and they still haven't been sent out!

STILL finding Billie Joe so scrummy! Check him out on youtube!!! (and his bare bottie) He really is one super-douper guy. And bloomin' gorgeous!

Well.... doing an embroodled LO so off to finish it.

Love, Polly xxx

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Two more sleeps!!!

Yes, i'm excited here because it is only TWO more sleeps until the new Billericay crop! I'm so excited and have been gathering my stash and bidding on bits on ebay- you know how addictive it can be!

Other than that I haven't actually done much today. Emily seems to have been a little better behaved however Ben seems to have been more unsettled today and cried tonight when I put him down. The usual battle commence with me running up and down the stairs every allotted time to put his doodie back in and switch the mobile back on... Why does he have to cry- it really does break my heart hearing him cry and knowing that I could stop it there and then, but controlled crying DOES work. It's just that 'hard' stage at the mo...

Ordered piccies from pixmania on Monday but they still haven't arrived and i've had no email cofirming they have been sent. I was hoping they'd be here before Mother's day as have ordered two biggie ones of the kids for her... which she had chosen... and I know she desperately wants! Also wanted the other piccies to ake to the crop- hey ho... maybe they'll come tomorrow (fingers crossed).

Well, off to hit the hay as it's late and i'm tired! No doubt my little chrubs will be up at 5:30am so I need my sleep...

Sweet Dreams Everyone xxx

Wednesday, 14 March 2007


Today is a fabby inspired Elsie Flannigan (above) day... I had a reply to my email to her! WOOOOOWWW-EEE! How excited was I when I read 'Elsie Flannigan' in my inbox??? (the answer is toooooo excited!)

Also have got my copy of the autumn leaves book 'Freestyle'... Which isn't quiet as good as 52 scrapbooking challenges but nearly... Not quiet as much doodling as I imagined but still is beautiful. - Have filled one idea book up to the brim and now going into a second but this one seems even better as written on black cardstock pages with a white el pen- try it, it looks FABBY!

This week too seems to be going s-l-o-w-l-y... and I know why. I'm going to a crop in Billericay on Saturday and so because i'm dying to get there and scrap to my hearts content the week days are dragging. I can't believe it's only Wednesday. Not that I want to wish my life away but scrapping is so v. important AND i'll be child free for a whole day! My second day since August (and even then I had Ben in my belly!)...

Monday, 12 March 2007

Twice in one day...

Here are my daughters first shoes... I found these this afternoon and it brought back memories of how tiny her feet were when he started toddling about. How gorgeous are they?!

Sorry had to post again...

Have been looking at piccies of Billie Joe Armstrong and phwooooarrring! He is sooo cor-somely gorgeous. Don'tcha just think so??? And other faves are below...

  1. Billie Joe Armstrong

  2. Daniel Meade- from Ugly Betty

  3. Danny Dyer

  4. Jeremy Kyle

  5. Kevy Lucas (best put him in somewhere!)

  6. Tre Cool

  7. Mack from CSI

  8. Matthew Wright

  9. The dark haired one from law and order

  10. Jake Dean from Hollyoaks

Yum... food for thought there...

Old flames...

Here are my most fave piccies of the day: (ABOVE) Firstly Billie Joe is so darn hot and secondly the big belly one, as been looking back with those rose coloured glasses on my pregnancies! I love that huge preggers belly!

Besides that, a while back curiosity got me. I searched friends reunited and found an old flame, my first proper love and a guy I lived with for near on two years... Why do things like this always end with regret???

Well, his current squeeze has had thier baby... and yes, in a weird way and I mean weird i'm kinda jealous! Which is weird because he was so unhealthy for me and I would imagine anyone unless he has changed dramatically... but his piccie got my heart beat racing and yes, I still find him attractive. I guess that will always be- he hasn't changed one bit but I was unprepared for that reaction.

Lesson learned- don't let my curiosty get the better of me!

We are also going through the TERRIBLE two's here... it is a nightmare... and I will be glad when it's over... do I really have to wait until September when she turns three???

We are severely lacking sleep in this house as Ben is 'controlled-crying' but not when he goes down... during the night. So not much sleep has been had for the past few nights due to him getting cross... but really i've been lacking sleep since I was preg... My body is almost used to half hour blocks of sleep.

Sunday, 11 March 2007

Lookie how bad I am!!!

Lookie how bad I am, I haven't been on here for ages! But then our broad band STILL isn't sorted out...

Been finding new piccies too- of me when I was younger (the good old days) and been scrapping them...

I was 17 and full of the joys of youth... now nearly ten years on... not much has changed- besides two children and more CHUB!

Also have been going mad on ELSIE FLANNIGAN she is truly fabby! And have brought her book and made some insipred LO's... There is one above! (the 70 things I love)...

Well gonna go because my poochie two is crying...