Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Paper makes me happy :)

Often, I get asked, in my 'real' job, what I actually 'make'. Its hard to describe to peeps. I mean I cut up and stick down pretty paper but its so much more than that. I guess you have to be sentimental to actually understand why I do it. Before you can understand what I do.

If I hadn't of experienced loss so early in life, would I be scrapbooking. I would like to think I would. It just probably wouldn't be as heartfelt as it is right now. Just lately, i've been talking to my middle sister about life. Loss. How things have turned out. How i'm not sure you get life until you experience loss. Thats kinda sad. 'You never know what you had, til it was gone'. So true.

So, thats what I make. Memories. Feelings. not just pretty paper and sparkles. They are just the decoration. Bit like putting on your make up. You're still the same underneath. You just feel better and for me (I look better ;) ) with a bit of slap on!

So i've been making this: This cute sprayed LO of Benji. Gems, stars, stamping, spraying... yum!

This, alittle more sentimental. And taken by my iPhone, so I apologise for the photo not beign as crisp and clear. But I do love hipstamatic :) Made from broken down primark jewellery. Probbo not acid free but so textural and pretty.

And lastly: I'm on count down for this! ALLY PALLY :)

Time ~ where does it go?

It seems lately I spend my whole time chasing my tail ;)

September is the busiest ever month for us at home. We have Ben turning 5 and starting schoolio and Emily is starting year 2 and turning 7. My middle sisters three children celebrate their birthdays, another niece and nephew celebrate birthdays too! It seems September is the month when I need a money tree :D

Also, along with Benji starting schoolio, Kev goes off back to school/work. It means the whole balance we had going on for the last six weeks ends and its back to mumma doing kiddos, house, dog, work etc... I honestly loose my mind in September.

We are off to Legoland and a hotel stop over for the weekend of Em's birthday :) So we have that to look forward to as a family, amongst the birthdays and fun.

I have Ally Pally with Marion and Jayne to look forward to right at the end of September :) With Sugar and Spice! *Squee* I'm ever so excited by this. I love just getting away and although its tiring on the feet, I think we spend the whole time laughing. I am looking forward to it so much. Since leaving the shop, I miss the chatter and fun. Marion is now, on QVC! A superstar. Much better than Dawn Bibby ;) and i'm not quiet sure how she is doing it. I thought my life was busy!

I am still working hard with my jewellery Made by Polly, and am adding more and more pieces to my range, slowly but surely. I am selling lots. It has been through word of mouth and those of you who have brought. Thank you very much. Your lovely comments make me so happy.

I have designed this double pendant, which has Em and Benji's prints on but I recently did for a married couple. How cute is that! It had the date inscribed on the back :) It was so sweet to hear about their wedding and him giving her this pendant as a gift. Truly heart melting :D

These weenie babies are just super cute! They are perfect for a little gift for a bracelet or necklace for someone who doesn't want such a chunky charm. Or perfect for a little miss who wants to feel grown-up and special. They hang great individually or seperately and I can't make them quick enough! I can't complain ;)

In other news: It's Nina's crop on Thursday night...!