Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Tee Hee Hee :D

Here it is. The pumpkin parade. Emily has watched this at least a million times since we got back. Ok, slight exaggeration but nearly a million times. I have started a mini dedicated to Halloween Disney using the heaps of fancy pants halloween stuff I have. I am bagging it up to take to PJ crop with me. When I get some me time! :D yay!

I had my first day back at L/C tonight. I am so pleased Ann is back. I missed Ann very much the two weeks she was away while she was in hospital. Ann is just the funniest. Tonight was nice and simple. I like nights like that there. Although, they are very few. Simple and easy nights remind me of how much I do love being there.

I have making to share but I have not had to photograph it yet. I will, at some point this week/weekend. I am working in the shop on Saturday and Sunday... and hoping that by having Saturday night off I will be less tired!

As for the rest of my week... I have a whole heap of housework to catch up on. A huge stack of ironing. Upstairs looks like it doesn't even know what a hoover is. I have washing to do. Lots of it. I have cleaning to do. I am not sure how to fit it all in with popping back and forward to school all day long (or so it feels!) I am hoping for no more rain until at least Saturday, so as I do not get wet on the schoolio runs. On Tuesday I managed to get wet 6 times. Yes, even with an umbrella. Being wet does make me miserable :(

And then I need to plan what i'm taking to PJ crop :D I have no idea yet. I hate planning ahead but I cannot take everything. I also need to order photos and print some too.

Lots to do and so little time.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Happy Halloween

We spent the end of October here... in Disneyland Paris! The kiddos had the best time. In fact we all had a great time. We stayed in a very clean and big appartment in Val d'europe which I would reccommend to anyone. It had a huge shopping centre and was only a two minute train ride to the park.
Emily was just amazed by it all. Ben loved it too... and kept shouting mickey mouse! It was just so great that it was halloween and everywhere was decked with orange pumpkins! Peeps dressed as pumpkins and spooky halloween music :)

This was probably one of the cutest pics of Em we had taken with Jasmine, whom she now loves!!
And this mouse (and her boyfriend) who both gave Em a kiss!! This was Minnie just swooping in for one. I think Emily has told everyone she knows time and time again that she got a kiss from Mickey and Minnie :D

This, needs editing as the sun was pretty bright, the weather was amazing and actually we needn't of even took our coats! Donald poked all the dads bums with his fork if they looked miserable. Hence why Kev has that strange grin...

I got this while I was waiting for Em and Kev who were on the haunted mansion ride. Which Em hated. She is such a scardey cat. The chipmunks were mine and Ben's favourites. So cheeky and so bloomin cute.

Thought I oughta be in a few photos, despite looking h-u-g-e. And Em refused to stand by the 'scary' men pumpkins on her own.

But she would stand with these dressed up lady ones. Esp. because they gave her a packet of haribo jellies :D

So we had a fab halloween. Em thinks we will be going back again next time we have a holiday! She loved it. Ben loved it. Kev has the coolest video of the pumpkin parade but i'm not sure how to add it onto here...??
In other news: (this maybe ranty!) and random)
I am re-evaluating my life right now. It seems I never have a minute to spend with everyone all together. Kev walks in from work and I walk out. The weekends he is home and i'm at work. Em is at school all day and so I hardly see her. We have alot of family issues right now with Kevs mum being ill and i'm not sure that at the moment I am putting us first. I'm not sure how it can carry on. Besides that I am just so tired of trying to fit in everything. It is near on impossible right now. So alittle readjusting might be needed. I'm not sure what is happening but I know I cannot keep doing more and more. I am already struggling and stressing to do everything.
Inappropriate comments. Is it me or are some peeps just plain rude! I am sure, maybe I am way to sensitive about some things. But it seems lately I just want to rant about some peeps ideas, comments and how narrow and small minded they can be. RAH! On the upside I am loving the use of twitter to rant. It is a great medium to get it off your chest :D
The rain. Why is it that it always rains at school drop off or pick up time? Is that the weather law?
I need crafty space advice. I think I need to move my expedits downstairs but am unsure. How do you store your craft stuff in them. (currently mine is sectioned into whole sheets of paper/card, scraps, paints mists etc, chipboard, stickers, etc...) The never ending question for the best scrapping stuff storage solution is here again. Help!
Why is it I am always so tired. Seriously. Although the answer maybe above. That I am stretching myself too far.
But on the upside!!! It is actually not that long until the March GoGo Getaway...! I am getting excited :) Time out to relax, scrap and have no stresses! I shall be saving alot of my Studes kits to take with me to use. And I have already made a little mini to jot down all the things I think I defo want to take with me. It's now less than 5 months away :)
And lastly... I seem to have solved the problem with the viagra posts :D There is some debate from where it came from but it seems ok now. Hooray!

Monday, 19 October 2009

That Monday Feeling :

It's Monday. It means lots of things to me. Mainly a whole heap of catching up on all the things that have not been done over the weekend. I am on the second load of washing at 8:30am. I have taken three phone calls from work. Countless texts some from friends, work and other randomness. I have tidied the weekend away. Monday is the catch up day.

So here is alittle catch up too. I made this a while ago. I got all these cosmo goodies from here. She is super speedy at sending stuff out, which I love!

The pearls were from here. Those prima 'e' range goodies are to die for. I think I have them in nearly every colour! I have enough gems and pearls to last me forever! The ribbon, stickers and everything else came from one or another Studio Calico kit... :D

So today i'm off on catch up.
In other news: (I like that little saying, I read it on someones facebook status and it made me smile) I am meant to be posting on the Sugar and Spice blog... however I can't. Marion has deleted the blog due to our random posts :/ Hopefully now mine will stop too. I am sick of my blog being hacked. So I am not sure when my project over there will be up :(
Happy Monday. Happy catch-up day.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

My Treat.

This is my treat to me each month. This kit. The feeling I get each month opening up this box! Ripping open the brown paper bags, I used to try to gently peel the stickers off and save the bags but I just have ended up with too many; so now I just tear them! I thought I needed a LO to explain how much these boxes of goodness mean :D
In other news:
We went out last night, after my shift at L/C. I drank way too much white wine. I still feel rather 'squiffy' and am glad to know it's Emma tonight on tv and I can curl up and watch it in bed. I might attempt alittle making but i'm not sure much will be done. The night was to remember Paul, who has been gone for a year now. It just seems much longer. It was lovely to see Kerry, Leanna, Ben and Scott. It was hillarious to hear that baby Ruby had called Ben 'monkey-boy' earlier that day. It was great to actually do some weekend stuff on the weekend. Thank you to Kevy for driving and letting me have a few too many wines ;)
I also am in this months Scrapbook magazine! Yay! I am hosting the £10 budget challenge. I am so chuffed that peeps have been popping into the shop, texting me, e.mailing and calling to say that they had seen me in there! Whoooo hoo!! (too many exclamation marks but i'm excited)
I also saw the lovely Shaulean in SI this month too :) If you're reading this hun... I loved the LO. It was fabby.
Right. Must go get Ben ready for bed, my pjs on, kiddos into bed and then flop. Self inflicted I know but very worth it.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Maybe I just love living in the past...?

Alittle prima to share... Along with a snippet of october afternoon, making memories and my little shoebox. And alittle bit of me :)

I love this paper range. I felt it would be a shame to cover it up, so I used minimal amounts of paper and anything else. I do love the little

The ipod has been chucking up some great songs today. Making me really go back to when that song mattered. My ipod has to have some of the most random-est songs on there. Some I feel ashamed to say I still listen to. Saturday night anyone?? :/

So today it's made me think these thoughts:

The Doors. There was a point when I lived with this guy called Liam, who was a total arse and I might add still is. We used to watch this film most Friday nights, ok he watched and I was merely there. Instead of going out which is what I wanted to do. He lived his life very similar to James Morrison (apart from the successful part) and he idolised him and unfortunately I idolised Liam right then. Believe me your mother is usually right, if only we listened! Anyhoo. 'Break on through' kicked up on my ipod and I wanted to share that thought with you.

Love Inc - Superstar, DJ Sammy - Boys of Summer. Working at Jimmies. Chris Wortley. The twins... Maria and not sure what her sister was called. Kate. Young Farmers dances. Coalville. Jimmy Deans!! Need I say more.

Iio- Rapture. Chris Gufreys stag do. Jimmy Deans (again). Blue diesel. Vincent Cox. The flintstones. GHB. Stu-pot. The tigra. Being a muppet. The mission. I don't do, yet do do dancing. Free bar (!).

Junkie - Rollercoaster. My teen years. 15. 16. Short streaked bright red hair. Louise Werner. Pedro's parties. The hammer. The riverside. Cider. School. Work. Party. Last buses. Sileby. Orange 'council colour' denim hipsters. Yellow puffa coat. Shed Seven. Ainleys in Leicester. Not a care in the world!

Hot Chocolate - you sexy thing. Lee Bentley. The Duke of York. Sileby club. Donna. Vic. Bijal. Racheal. Pool. Juke box. Malibu and coke. Archers and lemonade. Busters. And of course that film, which actually I can't remember the name of. I'm sure you know it though.

I love how music just makes me remember each and every moment in my past. Good, bad or indifferent. It makes me happy.
It's got me thinking that I need a little ipod type mini album. To note down all these thoughts, so I remember then forever.

Sunday, 11 October 2009


Just a little something for you this dreary and cold Sunday night... a little reminder of how our summer was this year... pretty sunny! :D

Every thing on this LO was from this months (or previous) Studio Calico kits...! I am mostly distraught that this months release day will happen while i'm in France :( :( :( I shall be eager to find an internet cafe/ used Kevys iphone. Just to check if I want those add ons :/
Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I have been hacked!! ARRRGG!

Damn hackers.
I can assure you that porn is not usually on the agenda of this blog... I promise. It seems that the Sugar and Spice blog was hacked and from that mine too... i'm not sure if any of the other girls got hacked but the post I found this morning was pretty weird!! ;)

Well, just to prove I am actually a scrapbooker and not some exotic porno star, you can see the LO I did for Sugar and Spice below.... I used the most gorgeous paper from Cosmo Cricket and those lovely wooden making memories letters, along with Marion's stamps *wub*.

Other than that.... i've been working, sleeping and eating (well, we have to eat don't we ;)) I haven't been making much really. (other than a mess) Luckily though we have our passports back and are ready to go to Euro disney! Yay! Emily is sooo excited. I however, am thinking now about four or so hours getting there with Benji!, him in a normal bed! and just containing him in general :D I think it will be fun *the type with gritted teeth*

Wednesday, 30 September 2009


(when did he end up looking so goofy?!)

We're all still here. I've just been busy. No change there then... I seem to have lost time since the kiddos have started school and pre-school. And plus Ben has been pretty ill this week. Today has been his first 'nearly back to normal day'.
I am trying to catch up with stuff... but failing miserably! I have just read this blog, it's my fave blog ever. Like. Really. The. Best.
Well, gotta go off to work later... in about half an hour... so oughta get ready to go.

Saturday, 19 September 2009

I'm here...

...just extremely tired *yawn*

Kev's mum is pretty poorly at the mo and she started chemo last week. I'm not sure when life is taking us all at the mo. Last week we had Ben and Em's birthdays, both started pre-school and big school!, Em lost two teeth, Joan got diagnosed with cancer and started chemo, Kev started back to work, my work called me in for an emergency meeting as we have been taken over and altogether life is hectic. I am just in a crazy kind of limbo.
I'm in that pretty cross, annoyed, rah stage. That maybe I shouldn't share on here. Maybe this should be a happy and fluffy place but I have to vent! This is putting life into perspective and how maybe I need to re-evaluate how life is going right now.

And to prove i've totally lost it, i've been making cards! Yes, seriously. Although my SC kit came on Thursday and I did attempt to start a LO, which is sitting upstairs now... unfinished.

Life at the mo seems like one huge to do list.

So I will try to catch up with piccies next week...

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Picture heavy post.

So, since I have been away from blog-land for a long while. I have a few bits to share. The majority of these were created well before my hectic work schedule began. Well, ok this one was made the other night with my new box of SC goodies :)

The lace was from Pitsea market... A bargain at £1 for 3 long metres...!

This photo cracks me up... Emily does pull some of the funniest faces.... :P

How many photos can you fit on a LO? One? Two? Maybe more......?

...... Alot of photos on this one. Summing up our lives together so far....

Speaks for itself really, doesn't it?

Apple made from a maya road mini chipboard tree. I love trees... but I also love apples too. And this binding was from etsy. I am not sure of the seller but no doubt she is added into my favourites.

Yum. SC kit. Yum. Cork alphas. Yum. Brass charm and very worn and vintage pearl buttons from etsy. Again, i'm unsure of the selller.

SC kit again.... I love this weirdly taken pic of Benji and me. It makes me happy and sums up us.

I wanted to document that Ben calls hair 'feathers' at the moment.... :D

My first house love. This was my little baby in Debryshire... And even though I think we had the neighbours from hell. Seriously. It was and still is my fave little house. I loved this place.

Ummm. Weird LO but one that should be documented.

The kids, Kev and me at Barleylands farm...

Me in an extra special and happy time in my life. I want to remember this moment forever. Its so much more than just a couple of pictures of me.

It's officially an end of an era. Emily is off to big school, Benji off to pre-school and no more baby naps!! :(
Right, must feed kids and must get jobs done as i'm working tonight!!

Super Furry Animal

I have been feeling like a hamster of late. Meaning that I have been working non-stop and thats about it. It's always the same, every holiday, I go all out and work all I can. It means that blogging, crafting and any other activity apart from eating and sleeping are really out of my life for six or so weeks. It's coming to an end ;) Mixed feelings really. I like the 'stress', the motivation, I hate the no mojo, no time, tiredness, hardly seeing anyone, the rushing out of the house at some ungodly hour of the morning, feeling like I have a phone taped to my ear (!)... but I love the company and I will love my pay cheque in September... will pay for Disneyland Paris, which we are taking the kids to in October! Emily is sooooooo excited. Ben is excited but unsure why. He just chases her round screaming disney :D So we have that to look forward to. Seems like it will be fun.

And just because I haven't been making, doesn't mean I haven't been buying. I have! I have had three magnificent Studio Calico kits arrive in the time i've been away (ok, maybe just two... i'm unsure) And of course the new stuff is starting to hit the shop!! MLS is gorgeous... I have yet to use it though.

We are having a time with my MIL, she is really quiet poorly and so we are all awaiting test results. She goes in for a biopsy tomorrow and fingers, toes and any other limb is crossed for her.

Emily also is eager to start 'big' school! She starts on the 9th and she cannot wait. We have enough school-i-form to sink a ship, including what seems like the most expensive pair of childrens shoes ever ;) I am mixed about it all. My first bubba starting school! She has loved the four taster sessions though and all of her pre-school friends are there... so I know she will be fine. It's just bringing it home even more that she is growing up and isn't my baby anymore. I know a lot of you are having this right now... I feel for you all! And Ben starts pre-school two mornings a week too! OMG! I will have 4.5 hours to myself each week! No doubt it will be filled with ironing, tidying, cleaning... etc... But all mine! :)

And just to keep you happy ;) This was made with last months SC kit... Fabric rip strips are ace :)

Sassafras stickers can be made to look less 'sticker-ish' with abit of 3d foam tape and buttons...

An old photo but I love this one. It's so much more than a beach photo. It was taken just before Ben was born. I was heavily preg and it was a sweltering summer... I lived in a blue and brown patterned cotton skirt to keep me cool... And this was taken on our last trip to MIL caravan before they sold it... So much more than a beach pic. :)

Monday, 6 July 2009

Re-living my yoouff ;)

After watching alittle bit of Glasto and hearing alittle about Louise's tickets to see this band... I have been listening to them non-stop on my ipod. Lily Allen has taken a backseat.

From around 1994 to around 1999... I loved this band and in particular this blokie. hmmm. He still looks pretty darn cool now. I am kinda thinking I maybe need to re-live my music mini and add in a few more cool moments from years ago.

And it's left me wondering does Ainley's music store in Leicester still exist??

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Very Sunny Here!

It's so sunny here. And I mean SUNNY. I think yesterday was 32 in the shade and the day before even hotter. I am not wanting to complain but I do not enjoy the heat. It makes me tired, lazy and just wanting to veg out. Consequently I have not ironed as yet this week... the pile is growing and growing. I am guessing it may take me an hour later on to conquer it :(

I had some extremly good news yesterday but it's all alittle *hush-hush* yet! Well, I think I ought to keep it schtum for a while. Its very good though, well I thought so... Kev was little more disappointed as he thought we had won the lottery :D No, I haven't.

I have been also working on my Donna Downey fabric album which I got a couple of kits back from Studio Calico. I decided on a forum suggestion over here, to make a button rainbow and stitch it onto the front cover. Now the rainbow is finished, it looks fabulous!! I love it. It jingles, it tinkles and rattles. It has also made me realised I have w-a-y too many buttons but it was hard work. That cover is made of stern stuff. In the end I stitched it on some left over cotton I had and then tacked it on with blue embroidery thread. The sewing looks untidy but its supposed to have that overall handstitched appeal. I wanted to wunderweb it on but had no idea how too with a whole heap of buttons already on there, maybe thats where I should've foreplanned and wunderwebbed the cotton on first and then stiched the buttons on. Still, the plan is starting to come together. There is no doubt that this months SC kit will be here before I have finished this album!

Our obssessions this week:
Kev - he has his new joystick thingie and has been on it every night this week. He is out tonight for a haircut though so I may have the downstairs tv to myself!
Emily- she is loving Ella. The cute little girl from over the road :)
Ben - he is loving the waybulloo's! he love yojojo ;)
Me- I am loving the fact I have so many crafty projects on the go and in two weeks, this Friday my sister will be here to stay... and that Emily soon breaks up from school, along with Kev...! Good times at the mo, even though it is alittle too hot for my liking :)

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Just a little bit to share...

It seems that my LOs are a mixture of allsorts of late. I mean, a mixture of photos that are new and old, and a mixture of kits/stash buys. This one was mainly from Studio Calico but alittle of Sarahs cards thrown in...(the little maya road velvet flower)

I am loving grey at the moment. And I love this American Craft paper which I had been saying for that LO. I think it goes well with the navy in the picture and the navy lacey/crocheted ribbon. I also love that thicker font too!

Eyelets!! OMG! A blast from the past. I alcohol inked them, kinda! :/ and added my rocket stamp I got from Ally Pally. I hadn't even got them out of the packet :( until now. And they were in a long line but I chopped them up so they are now six individual rockets.

It's documenting my new-ish now, trainers complete with rockets, robots and multi coloured star eyelets!

I love trees! (and houses) and loved making this one, adding gems and cutting out grass...

I used my sugar and spice stamps on this one and used the 'i' from the word with which I masked off so I could stamp the phrase 'I just love you'. I love that font too :D

This LO actually made me have a little tear when I took the picture. I spent every weekend getting drunk in this pub from the age of 15... I played pool here, I had an unhealthy obssession with a blokie called Mick Greaves here (LMAO), I threw up here (yes, I was young, and it was literally by that little brick wall you see), I wore my C & A (remember that store?!) clockhouse Jarvis Cocker stylee cardi here for the first time. I was sad to see that it had changed its name to 'The Boathouse' even though its a beautifully idylic pub by the river Soar, complete with narrow boats of all colours and pretty field views... for me, it will always be 'The Riverside'.

I never really talk about my dad. Not that I really call him that. I have very few photos of him and although I don't want to look at him, he does not deserve any attention of mine I am curious still. This photo was taken at my eldest sisters wedding, about six months before we moved from our family home. I wanted to document that even though I try to not let my past affect me now. It does.

And look how pleased Kevy is! He just got his new gaming joystick thingie for his xbox. He didn't expect it to arrive yesterday and when it did he was happy :D He played til gone midnight last night...
Also my dresses have arrived for Anthonys wedding do. Hooray, I think I like one defo, the other I am waiting to see once my Gok, suck you in underwear arrives...
And lastly:
The twiddley blog has a challenge, so go pop over and have a go! If you are lucky enough to win, you'll get a parcel of yummy twiddley bitz :D Which is well worth having a go for ;)