Friday, 27 February 2009

No makes, just rah!


Thats how I feel right now. I have just found that my oh so special lie in tomorrow has been shattered. I am slightly annoyed. When you think you are working and should be working 16:00 til 21:00 to be working at 06:30 - 10:30 and 16:00 - 21:00 it's abit of a cheek...! Not even to be told.... GRRR!

So I am unhappy tonight :(

But on the bright side it's Studio Calico release day tomoz... :) and my class on Sunday with a bunch of lurverly ladies... and Kev has just brought me a huge bottle of raspberry daquiri :D

Things actually aren't that bad any more.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Just a little bit more...

Here is just a weenie bit more... Seens as I was quiet a poorly bunny yesterday and very snotty. I didn't manage to get much done scrappy wise. It was an effort just to get through the day. I had EVERY intention to be in bed at around 8:30pm and to totally flake out. I hadn't factored in though the new series of Desperate Hosewives starting! I managed to start and finish one LO and start another... I am not sure how is gonna end up, I don't like it right now.

This was my started and finished LO.

Blooms? I hear you say...! Yes, just a couple flowers never used to be my thing but they are 'growing' on me... :)

This one, i'm not sure of at all.... Hmmm. In my mind it was totally different. It some how didn't come together at all. I hate LO's like that.

I think it needs scrolls/flourishes/similar... It will however be left in my 'projects to finish pile' for a while until I can decide how it should work out. Thats how I end up with so many unfinished projects. I am hoping that today I will blitz a few more and finish them up :)

My cold is drying up, I am feeling slightly more human. I am hoping that Emily and Ben will not get it but i'm guessing that they will as Kev was feeling icky last night.

I am eager for work tomorrow... I have heard that some deliveries have started arriving!!! I also have so many classes running over the next few weeks. I am going to be super busy :)

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Stuff :D

Yesterday I finished up and started a heap of projects... It always feels good to complete those projects lying around... or filling boxes :)

This one was made using a 12" x 12" sheet of acetate...

And those cute Ali E stamps from Technique Tuesday that I got from Studio Calico...

It's hard to work out whats LO and whats acetate but you get the idea.

This is an ongoing project that I started from a SiSTV class with Ashley Wren... this gal is fabby. Her classes are super cool ;) The book has several sections, it's more like an art journo than a scrapping book. I love it. It seriously gets you thinking and journo'ing your heart out :)

This LO was inspired by a cool quote on SiSTV...

And this is the front cover, which I guess I should've not had the date on because it still has so many pages left and it will probably last me through 2009 and into 2010!

This little book is soooo cute... I got it at Sugar and Spice! Ages ago, like when it first came in probably 6 months ago. I finally covered it last night :)
I used alot of the Studio Calico bits from my Feb kit...

I finished this up too!! :)

With loads of journo'ing.

And a pretty fabby pic from nearly ten years ago.

So, I spent the majority of yesterday building blocks, chatting with Em, tidying and finishing up projects I have had lying around for a while. It makes me happy to see so much finished up. Ok, the mini has to have pics printed and put into it. I have all the bits and embellies put aside though. It's ready to go.
Today I have a sore throat. I feel like a croaky Freddo Frog. I'm hoping it'll be gone by tomorrow. I hate being ill.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Robots... :)

Last night I flopped in front of the tv, chatted to a couple of friends, spent most of the night on twitter :) (i'm PollyScraps if you wanna find me... I am finding Richard Bacon's Nanna naps amusing) and chatting on facebook too.
Facebook still has me hooked. I am totally addicted to it, along with paper and cute sparkly stuff and Robots! I finished up this LO this afternoon, while Em and I settled down to Murder, She Wrote... :)

This one pays homage to a very special baby chair I brought for my niece Abbeygail over 6 years ago. It had lasted through 4 babies and then it met Ben. In all fairness Ben was such a contented baby that he practically lived in that chair for the first nine months of his life. Happy to watch the world go by in his Jenny Giraffe chair. However, left unattended for just too long... this was the result. Note the clothes strewn everywhere and the chair nearly snapped in two! This is when I realised I had had it lucky for sometime and he had finally realised he was a 'boy' :)

'It was just a malfunction!'

The cute fabric was from etsy.

The cute robot from Cosmo Cricket.

A bit of a wild mix of colours but I love the memory that this piccie brings.

And then I started on this one... firstly he was gonna be made of paper but then I found a huge scrap bag of felt and material which made me excited and so he was born from the scraps! And I just find the whole robot thing suits all those eyelets I have and probably will never use up, even if I used them every day!!! And it's a good time to dig out those Tim Holtz cogs I have and haven't even opened...

And I dug out the silver pen...

Those orange bits need some stitching to finish him up... and when the LO is all finished I will share with you just how cute he is :)

Right now I have a boy to cuddle and a little girl who wants to play on CBeebies. So i'm off. P x

Monday, 23 February 2009

Bright eyed and bushy tailed?

I have been finishing up a couple of projects I started in Birmingham...
Puffy thickers are so cool...! and so is American crafts paper...! Check out the little welly boots :)

This one sums up my first year at Butlins... I was a totally diff person to who I am today ;) The pic is one that holds many memories. It was when I finally found me and lived for the moment. Which even though i've grown up, its something that has stayed with me.
This one I kinda started before Birmingham and finished after Birmingham... it has been a very long work in progress. The hearts were all cut from American Crafts paper and then fitter together. The gems are seperate kaiser ones arranged into a scroll.

The little envelope was from SoML and has a little note inside (paper thanks to Nina!) that reads... 'and no matter how hard life got, she still found reasons to smile'. I think we can all relate to that one. Life can be tough at times but look on the bright side and you get through.

I have had the busiest weekend! I worked a mammouth shift at L/C this weekend... 10:30 on Saturday until 08:00 on Sunday... I managed to snatch a few hours sleep between random phone calls at 3am from ladies asking for their morning carers and breakfast!! So I was very tired yesterday evening... *yawn*. We had a very busy sale day in the shop yesterday too! It was great to see some ladies I hadn't seen in a while and of course we sold lots of goodies and made many hearts happy :) Needless to say I will not be doing that amount of work at L/C again any time soon...! I was in bed very early last night and asleep before many kiddos ;) I finally feel a little more human now.
Saturday is Studio Calico release day :) I'm so excited!!! I think I want all add ons this month... They look lovely. The fact that they have new cosmo cricket stuff in!! Cherry paper... and yellow stuff!! That has me so excited (yes, i'm clapping ;) )
I have a long list of stuff that needs to be done... and it's not getting done while I sit here... Filling my ipod and blogging... Gotta get some work done. See you tomoz :)

Thursday, 19 February 2009

A long and exciting weekend...

This was the long journey home as I experimented with taking pics of car lights... :) Or no lights and bogey picking/ mobile phone usage/ lipgloss applying etc... It's amazing what some peeps think they can do as well as drive along!

A short and quick yummy snack before one of our classes began... Marion did not know about the deliciousness of Peanut Kitkats.

The ring~age shot.
We had the fabbest time. We spent alot of time on our feet looking at yummies. I can tell you that we have ordered some great new bits (ok, piles for the shop!) Robots, cupcakes, wellies and yummieness will soon be flooding in.
All the new American Craft goodies will be in soon ~ including those fabby value cardstock packs!! Cute stamps... :) So many cool products. I am still so tired though...
Projects and new crafty stuff later! But just before I head off... see here OMG!! This months kit is soooooooo unbelieveably gorgeous :) I think each and every add on will be popping into my basket at 5am on the 28th...! Thank you to April and Scarlett and crew... Especially CARA who packed my last kit (that touch was super cool! It made me smile lots.)... x Ok. I'm off for a while now. I will add you to my twitter and facebook when I get a mo. Promise.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

*Hot Geezer Alert*

Two simple cards to make you :) These cherries are from Twiddley Bitz, painted up and then covered in a thick layer of glossy accents to give them a good shine... I forgot how much I love my sakura glaze pens too ;)

The mirror on this one, which is hard to see in the pic, is edged with a green sharpie just to give it alittle 'ummm'!!

It originally started with the idea that i'd just doodle the whole title... but I sooo wanted to use these glossy thickers. I love 'g's like this, with big curly tails and a little tuft on top... :) And I love those little 'stary' thingies too.

So here is my BASB entry for thier little challenge. I am not normally a challenge type gal but this one floated my boat and made me smile.

And he is one hot geezer :) So the whole "I want you to scrap a layout, or a Shrine to the one whom you'd be with if you weren't already so in love with your man (or woman, or youself LOL)!" Was very apt with this piccie.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Twice. What? More Studio Calico Wubs.

Third LO... Completed with my Feb SC kit... *wubs*

My mojo is B.A.C.K

'Cept I kinda cheated as I made this frame while away the past weekend... did I mention i'd been away? :)

The finished article, complete with SC own designed paper... Fabby thickers, these ones smell devine when you open a new packet...! Ribbon, brads and yummies.

All completed this afto, while Ben slept and Emily played happy mrs. chicken on her DS.

I'm going to join in with this here... OMG! I saw Gordon Ramsey staring back and me and it made me smile. I used to think he was a super, mean, mans man. But actually the cave-man thingie he has about him has it's charm. However my LO would include the very 'geezer-like' Danny Dyer. You tube him. You'll see he is a cockney boy bit of ruff ;) *yum-yum*
Twice in one day... :)

*hee-hee* I love Stash!

A little sneaky peeky at something else thats red!

I just love paper. Really I do. I am beginning to think I have a problem with it. I know I do. I just got a delicious box of American Crafts goodies arrive. Whoa. There stuff is so cute atm. Very KI. Very kitsch. Just very bloomin' lovely.

I ordered it all from Sarah's cards. I only ordered it on Monday :) I am a very happy bunny. I love stash. I love paper. I love my hobby which is slowly taking over my life. (which I L.O.V.E) And after buying this, which is such good value... I think I need to get scrapping ;)

I am also off this weekend, well on Sunday after my class... to a trade show with Marion and Nina. Thank you Miss. Marion for inviting me. I am sooo excited and cannot wait to go :) :) :)There might also be some fan-tabulous news for a certain person too ;)

I am a lucky girl.

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Studio Calico *wub*

Yesterday the biggest and fabbest box of inspo arrived on my doorstep. The postie always looks at me as if i'm mad when it arrives ;) but if you have this box, you'd know why. For starters everything is sealed in individual paper bags with the cutest stickers... The box is actually printed up for Studio Calico stash. Just the packaging gets me. Everytime.

So, after the best weekend. I had the best box delivered. One add on this time and a maya road glimmer mist in charcoal, which I have yet to use! I had to take Em to and from school and got soaked each time and so this was a welcomed piece of happiness on such a dreary day.

I have completed my first LO with this gorgeous kit... I love it :) I love MM, they lost it a while back IMO but seem to have got their groove back and the pins, paper and stickers from them are lush.

The exclusive Studio Calico papers are amazing this time! I lurvvve the pommegranite (sp!!) paper... *yum* I am not a red scrapping gal. I hardly ever choose red. I think its pretty hard to scrap with, I find it hard to match and I just find it hard. But I love this kit. I cannot wait to use the stamps!! Four, cute individual ones. I wish I had got the bicycle stamp add on a while back. I sooooo need that stamp now :( These kits just seem to be getting better and better.

So this is what I have made so far...

I am loving beads and stitching right now... If you hadn't noticed!

Freestyle stiching rocks!

And I have a bit of an obsession with Cosmo blackboard, so this kit satisfied my needs... Well, except the fact I now need more :)

Monday, 9 February 2009


Here they all are... all 15 of them and close ups!

This is Ben Crimbo morning with his new car :)

Emily at Crimbo with her much wanted DS Lite...

Ha ha... this one had Adrienne trying to pucker up like this...

... it might just be a new party piece...

This one had heaps of journo'ing...

This was my first one of the weekend... I love this paper and hope Marion has some left!!
I need to buy some more :)

This one was painstakingly long...

The beading was fiddly but i'm pretty pleased with the results...

This was probably the easiest of the weekend. It just happened. I Like the
simplicity of it all.

Not sure about the title. The stamping outline is a bit dodgy... :o/ hmmm.

No adhesive on this one...! All stitching and ok, self adhesive letters...

I *wub* hambly.

Cut by knife... alittle wonky and wobbly...

Blurry shot (soz) and title using SCAL.

Stamps from studio calico... Finally found a use for the 7 gypsies knobs...

And used some of that star paper I have about 100 sheets of...

Told you I loved that paper... Marion do you have lots left???

Sad but happy LO. We miss you Paul.

The last one of the weekend. And I got to use that gorge stamp!!!

And ... I just had my new studio calico kit delivered...!!! Whoooooo hooo! :) :) :)
So I am going to put Ben to sleep v.soon and settle down with a coke and have a peek,
it's my treat seens as I just got soaked taking Em to school...!!!