Monday, 30 April 2007

My lil' chipboard house!

Here she is and isn't she adorable??? I have chosen a bit of a funky design for her, cerise pink paint (from a SoML add on kit) lime green bazzill bling window frames, white textured scalloped blinds... so far thats what i've decided on. I spent this afternoon, while Emily slept and Ben kinda slept measuring them and cutting them out. They are fiddly but i'm sure worth it. I have heart buttons to use too and think i'm going to make sweet white window boxes and then add the hearts 'growing' from them, like flowers. Although I do have a few fimo carrots, peas in pods and corn on the cobs which I could use(?!) I SERIOUSLY need some decent scrapping time with no interuptions. Two hours here and there is no good for my mojo or projects, things are always half started and never finished and of course when you then do go back to them the whole inspiration and giddi-ness for them has died down. I am looking forward to the Havering crop to finish all these things off (or at least put a huge dent into them) and then the Billericay one to finish up some bits too.
Paula Sealey's blog has asked us how we scrap... hummm her scrapping style is wonderful and her piccies too. I am too ashamed to show you the pics of my stash/scrap area. Until Ben vacates our bedroom I have none! I have half a bookcase down stairs which is crammed with stuff and all stuff in boxes on my desk upstairs. I cannot actually get to my desk really as his cot is semi in the way. I generally am scrapping on the sofa which also cuts down scrapping time as you know it takes so long to get it all out and then pack it all away. Roll on when Ben eventually gets into his own room and then I can get some space!
Have been visiting the story of my life forum board (v.friendly there!) and have been adding to the 'what are your five obssessions?'. Well, firstly i'm not sure I can list ONLY five...
1. Craft supplies! (you can never have too much!)
2. My family
3. Coke
4. Desperate Housewives
5. Green day - their music rocks!
6. My blog
7. Our local crops
8. Uk scrappers
9. surfing the net for more fabby inspiration
10. Elsie Flannigan
11. The Green Frog Studio- her work is so delcious!
I'm sure there are more!

Today another package arrived with the wonderful doodlebug chipboard house in ... I got it fronm and cannot wait to begin decorating it and putting it together- although I am going to try and make my own so as I keep the original as a template (the chip isn't all that thick) and it comes with some beautiful pictures to give you an idea of what you can create.

I still haven't received my ModScraps kit which I ordered last Wednesday (today being Monday here)... I think it's pretty poor really. I ordered the SoML kit from the USA and that only took little over a week to turn up...when it had so far to travel! The ModScraps kit is coming from the UK, so what is the delay??? I have emailed them asking how much longer it will be and if I didn't actually want it so much I would be tempted to cancel it altogether. (But it has those gorgeous bright foofala buttons in it)

The first thing Emily said this morning was ' woooont a rabbit!' no we are not getting a rabbit. All the rabbit's i've known have been pretty nasty things, scratchy and jumpy. (I know the jumpy thing is a rabbit trait- but hey who wants their paws gouging you when they boiiiing from your lap)... I actually would like a pet but Kevy is a city boy and there is NO chance he will give in. When I was little we had alsorts of weird animals, my fave being our goats Laddie and Sadie... and i've lived with chickens too (not literally) which are great (free eggs, that are so much more delish than free range supermarket ones) and they are pretty friendly and easy to keep. I suggested it to Kev and he looked horrified... 'No. they make crowing noises'... I then explained that is what the cockrels do not hens! But he still said no even with the promise of fresh beautiful eggs. BOOO! We want a couple of bantams!

How's all your little '14 things...' books going. I have to just fill mine then i'll upload for a little inspiration... I used the kit from cocoa daisy to make mine and it's looking pretty good, not my usual scrapping style either.

Well, better go and sort out the two littlies!

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Cyber crops, farms and double points!

What a past 24 hours! Last night I bundled the kids off to bed at a reasonable time and settled down with my stash. I had every intention of getting lots done but only managed to do one challenge- the Tweedledum, Tweedledee (You work in pairs. One person chooses a photo and both scrap it. You choose a quote/caption for the othe person and vice versa) the challenge was worth 100 points each! So actually better doing this one than 5 classes. I have down loaded all the classes though, although some- in fact many just aren't my thing.

We took Emily to the Barleylands farm today. She was in her elemnet running around and having freedom to wander. I also took her into the rabbit 'den' and she finally was brave enough to touch something. I held a big white and black lop eared rabbit and she was sooo excited about it all. She even stroked him too. Now she 'wooonnnntssss one!!!' But Kevy says no and i'm inclined to agree rabbits are mostly pretty scratchy and nasty things for small children. She also was mesmerized by Max, a large rather smelly ferret who kept climbing up his cage bars to see her. I'm sure those if we've gotten too close he would've nipped us. He had that wild eyed look about him.

I managed to nip into Sugar and Spice and have a spend up! I got heaps of papers and some staze-on so I can stamp onto acetate and shrink plastic- that monkey stamp will be so cute on jewellery! I nearly brought more mini book bits but realised I have a heap left to finish and start without buying more. Kev did ask what I had spent but I skirted round the subject... Too much is the answer.

I found out yesterday too that Sara Berry is producing a kit each month (story of my life) and so, yes on the 1st of May I will be ordering it! It looks truly wonderful this time, all creamy and chocolatey. Really beautiful. I cannot wait although I am getting swamped under stash, if that is at all possible as I have so much stuff and no time to use it. I keep telling myself though that I have TWO crops in May and so with that I will need stash. In any case this scrapbooking lark is an investment in my memories...

Saturday, 28 April 2007

I am a HAPPY bunny!

After another tough night with Ben flapping about in his cot I got up this morning at 8:30am, missing the start of Lianne's class on UK Scrappers and generally feeling knackered already. I flopped on the sofa and Emily leapt on my lap, snuggling in. I had just started 'nodding' off when- KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK! Yes, It was the postie! What had he brought? My kit from 'story of my life' with the gorgeous, strokable, fabby BAMPOP! papers, heidi swapp paints (in Betty, butterscotch and sky- YUM), gems, ribbon, bazzill bling and MUCH more!!! Whoooooo hoooo. I was soooooo happy. Proceeded to get my camera and just about manage to take a few pics before all the stash was torn from the box and paw-ed over. OH I am so EXCITED! I never realised how much art really does float my boat. I love it. I am never happier jut imagining, planning and actually making stuff. Whether it be stiching a pair of ordinary curtains to a frivolous 7 gypsies purse (wait til you see it- it is so cute!)... I just am in my element. And the stamps that come in the kit are sooooo beautiful- I haven't actually used them yet but they are so great. I think now i'm gonna order some more- maybe from two peas this time as they have them all too. I will add piccies later so you can drool over it too! I am absolutely GIDDY with excitement. Emily and Ben will both be in bed on time tonight...

So now i'm waiting for the mailboxes and bits from Ana, goodies from ModScraps and the doodlebug bits i've ordered. OOOOOOHH so many goodies and it's the double loyalty points at Sugar and Spice day tomorrow too. Yippee i love stash.

Will add piccies later.

Friday, 27 April 2007

As promised... a little few goodies for you!

As I promised... a few goodies up for grabs. I know my buddies (yes, you!) would love to get their grubby little mitts on my stash and now you can- well at least a little of it!

What I would like us to do is... to make a little mini book/album under the heading '14 things you never knew...' It can be about you, your family, kids etc... Just 14 things... ANYTHING! It couldn't be simplier.

I know that it's cyber crop weekend on UKS so how about we make sure things are done by next weekend- Sunday midnight (my time!) if you either mail them to me or send a link... I will allow the ever-so important judging go down to me and maybe Kevy will have a say in it too...

Goodies are- 3 sheets of glossy thick cardstock (6"x6"), Two lengths of ribbon, Random buttons, Two perspex tags (I have made a little mini book with some before) and a delicious selection of velvet and felt primas...

I will post on here who has won the following week! Good luck!

A package of delights!

Well boy did I have fun yesterday afternoon. Firstly the electricity, for some reason was cut off during me watching Desperate Housewives (which I had recorded from E4-so next weeks episode) Which stressed me out as it had just got to the good bit when Miss McKluskie (or however you say it) freezer blew up and we all knew her late departed Hubbie's body is stored inside... It sent me into a panic of 'when will the electricity be restored???!' Then my mind was taken to other things when the royal mail man knocked on our door (or Postman pat, as Emily calls him) he had a small package of the new foofala buttons (wow-some and gorgeous), patterned petal primas and some delicious MME bohemia embossed chipboard shapes (the bliss ones!) ... So of course my time then was filled up not worrying about Miss McKluskie's Hubbies fate but when I would use these goodies and how.

I opened the flowers- they are so gorgeous in RL... to find alittle extra than I bargained for - see piccie of huge bug! Yes, he was nestled in the little chipboard flower shaped buttons included in the pack. And he is pretty disgusting and gianormous, as bettles go.
It all turns out that the electricity was restored quiet soon after my discovery and I watched the end of Desperate Housewives while I scrapped - a heavenly combination... And yes, Miss Hoover does get found out. She is visited by the police at the end of the episode while she is in hospital - a long story!

Thursday, 26 April 2007

Still waiting...

I am still waiting for my stash to be delievered fronm the States, how long do these things take? I'm guessing the minimum of ten days- which it hasn't been yet. Also I have ordered the ModScraps April kit with the add on Embellishment kit too. And I have also ordered some bits from Craft obesessions too, I thought those bits might be here today but no luck!
Took Ben to the new doctor (even though he looks so happy- see piccies above!), which was a complete waste of time. I am not sure what to do now because he had this problem diagnosed at his 6 month check, the health visitor referred me to the GP (our old one- who works in conjunction with the HV clinic) He agreed with her that Ben did have too much fluid round one of his balls and it was much bigger than it should be. He said to see our new GP, as it wasn't really really urgent and he would refer him to the urologist. Went today and without even looking properly he said it was ok, balls do differ in size etc... He did not even have all his notes!!! I said about the HV saying about and infection and could his 'willy' infection be to do with it. He never even answered just practically shoved me out of his room! Feel very very annoyed now. How am I supposed to do any more about it??? What do I do? Do I go back and complain/ask to see someone else? Kev rang and I told him what happened and he is not happy either.
Also I had my health check with the nurse- what a joy that was being weighed and seeing how fat I have got, lol! Oh well, my blood pressure was good, so she said. I replied 'I may be fat but i'm fairly fit...'

Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Have to pop in and say...

Look at what has just arrived! Isn't it just so gorgeous? As you can guess this afternoon I will be off playing with my new pile of goodies rather than being on UK Scrappers. The stamps are to die for and so are the k&co Hannah brads... yummy, delicious stash.

Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Can you believe how much she's grown???

She was a tiny 6lbs 10ozs baby and now she's a hefty 2 stone plus toddler. She just looks so much like her Daddy and at the moment is hillarious!

I am stalking my postie...

Yes, he now thinks i'm completely bonkers... this morning I was waiting the other side of our front door to see if there would be any goodies coming today- I know it's very unlikely but you never know. Royal Mail might've gotten their act together... Fingers crossed that something will come tomorrow.

I am getting excited. I have two crops next month, Tanya's at Havering atte Bower and Donna's Billericay crop. AND I will have heaps of stash to use too... lets just hope I have time and of course room in the car to cart it all there and back. Lets just hope this time Tanya is alittle bit more luck with the turn out. It was pretty poor last time and poor that nobody bothered to let her know they were/weren't going to turn up too. It is such a lovely crop and a lovely hall it would be a shame if it had to end because people didn't go.

We had a disaster yesterday too- our downstairs loo blocked and filled up with gross water to the brim. Clever-clogs me decided to grab an unwanted, don't care when I chuck it jug and bail it out into one of those plastic storage boxes which I have now slung (*YUCK*). I managed to unblock it... someone had shoved heaps of loo-roll down there (Emily Kate Lucas!) and tip the water back down the loo before going on a bleach-a-thon around the loo and anywhere this water may have or not got. Hats off to people who work with drainage etc... it's a hideous task!

Emily is well on the way to full-potty-trained-dom... she is doing it on there all the time and even staying dry during her day time nap too. She actually comes down and takes her nappy off and then goes for a wee. We are still having to jump up though and shout 'well done, good girl... thummmmmmbs UP!' and of course she delights in this. She is rather funny to watch and even tells Ben all about it.

Ben's antibiotics have finally ended, so no more projectile vomit (usually that horrid bright orange colour) and he seems ok. We have a doc's app on Thursday morning though to make sure and check his big ball as well. Poor little boy- so many people have felt his nether regions just lately. Other than that he is nearly ready to crawl, he lunges forward and trys to go but can't work out his arms have to hold himself up... Not long though now and then nothing will be sacred.

On Sunday too we are off to Barleylands (weather permitting) with a picnic to go to the farm bit and I am also going to 'nip' into Sugar and Spice and make the most of their double loyalty points... How could I not??? I just hope I actually manage to do some scrapping before then as i've done nada in a whole week- seem to have lost my mojo at the mo. I need some new piccies and exciting things to scrap rather than just ones of kids. Yes, scrapping them is nice and they make lovely LO's but they are all begining to look too similar. May have to dig out some really old ones of me and try to scrap those!

Monday, 23 April 2007

Well, well, well... lots of spending afoot!

I have been spending wayyyy too much on stash. I have fell in love with ordering from the states too. I have found heaps of fabby blogs which have encouraged me to spend. I MUST stop spending for the mo!

Well, I am waiting for the kit from it's their first kit and includes the bampop! papers which are gonna be great for the Shimelle inspired LO I have in mind.

Secondly i'm waiting for a package from the coconutgodess ( which has those cute little mail boxes in and I have also brought three SEI scrapbooks in a bag to save as gifts (or use- which we all know I will).

Thirdly I hope to have healped 'Emnol' out from UK Scrappers by buying her unwanted cocoa daisy kit and seven gypsies tag book.

As you can see I have been spending! Oh, and I went over to Barleylands and went into Sugar and Spice and brought yet more goodies... Doesn't help it's double loyalty points next Sunday too!

I have also become addicted to blogs. This is ok but now nearly all of my saved faves on my lap top are other peoples lives (which seem to be much more exciting than mine!) It's great to view other peoples blog as there is so much inspiration out there and so many peoples lives just waiting to be explored. I am totally hooked. On this one she talks about the flylady's method of housework... it made me think and laugh- we have no method, 15 minutes cleaning on each task- you'll be lucky if you get 15 minutes on ALL tasks. When I can no longer see the kitchen side, I have to clean. The bathroom is regularly hosed down by Emily and the shower head and the same goes for when she washes her hands in the downstairs loo basin. The floor gets a good soaking then and I have to mop it up.

I have also had a birthday. I am now 27 and feeling very old. The grey hairs set in at age 22 so i've always known that age is probably not going to be too kind tome. On the bright side, fat people do not get all that wrinkly or have saggy faces... just lots of double chins. Ha, ha... at least I won't have saggy, miserable looking cheeks. Just fat chubby ones. Being fat does have some advantages. As you know Kevy and the kids had already brought me my new camera and of course it has been used heaps! I really do love it and have never really been into technology so much. Dying to get to grips now with photoshop so I can really begin to make the most of my piccies I have taken. Other than that I received money from most people along with a cute little pink photo frame and necklace from my sisters children. As you can gather I have already spent the money I had!

Above are the pictures of the flag book I made at the Billericay crop... I must admit I just wubbie it! I am so proud of this book and even Kevy said it looked shop bought. Wow! Also I managed to finish the 'home' LO I had been working on too. The stitching took me an age to do and gave me a tiny blister on my thumb but I am pleasedwith it. It was inspired by a LO in the Autumn Leaves book - Freestyle (a worth while buy!).

I would like to add that i'm going to have some fun on here later in the week... Keep your eyes peeled as there will be some goodies to win!

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Holidays over.... back to our normal lives!

Well, well, well.... What have we been up to???

We managed to make it to Southend (see piccie of Emily above in her spotty coat!) and it was freezing... So windy and cold. We met up with Kev's parents and his nieces and took his nephew with us. Had a nice unhealthy burger for lunch and then two hot, freshly made doughnuts on the seafront. We didn't make it into the sealife centre or anywhere other than the arcades as Emily loved it so much.
We visited Kev's sister too (piccie with her other half and their daughter) and took over their Easter goodies. The girls just get along so well. They were so sweet playing in the garden with Eloise's football and her swing. Emily seems to all of a sudden grown up and is on their wave length now.
Ben too is enjoying life slightly more (although he has been very poorly and spent Sunday evening in Basildon hospital) He has found out that he likes being on the floor and rolling around ( see piccie!) We are so lucky to have a happy little chap, he really is wonderful.
I also went to the Billericay crop and it was fabby! I made a beautiful flag book and have managed to fill it up and finish it off. It is really great, i'd like tothank Donna for a great idea and fabby instructions that brought it all together. (Will post piccies soon)
Emily is getting so funny just lately, I am planning on scrapping her sayings soon because she is just hillarious. Last night I took off her pants to put her night time nappy on and she did the most enormous fart. She then shouted... 'OH Good grief!!! I farted! paaaaarrrrrrrppppp!' It was so funny and of course like most small kids the more you laugh the more they do to make you laugh ... '... OH no big windy-pops!' . Another day during the holidays she laid in our bed and said... 'Mummy, need to go Nannies. I want chocolate, I like it. I REALLY do!' (we can all guess what Nannie gives her when Emily visits?!).
Also will try and post more- insipration from ladyNinabug from UK Scrappers...