Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Hooray and Happy New Year!!!

A little card to celebrate a 'corking' birthday... stamping on cork is soooo cool!

How did you know I was gonna love this paper range???

And this quote just has me. I love it. Also am loving doodling and doodle-ey writing atm...
and of course watercolour with versa ink pads :) Its the cheapest LO to make,
Just 1 sheet of bazzill.

A belated Happy Crimbo!

Did you all have a good Crimbo??? I know we did. Too much food was eaten... ;) but it was fabby all the same. Santa brought me a nice new lap top and so blogging and piccies are back on. 'Cept it's soooo bloomin fancy it won't let me upload my piccies until I re-charge the battery *sigh* Technology is all good but sometimes alittle too clever... I only wanted a couple of pics off... :) So right now the battery is charging and i'm gonna add some stuff as soon as I can.

Tonight is new years and i'm working. With Kev off from teaching, I have been working day in and day out since Saturday. I'll finish on Sunday and I can honestly say, i'll be pooped. 5:20am every morning does NOT agree with me. The freezing cold frost is more than enough to make me happy i've got plenty of meat on my bones :lol: I have been very happy working with Jodie though... she doesn't half make me smile.

On the crafting front... I have been making stuff...! Lots and lots and lots of stuff. And of course I went to Sugar and Spices PJ crop and finished 4 LO's... YES 4!!! Also me and a couple of friends have booked up a little cottage to go and stay in, in Feb... We will be scrapping the days and nights away. I am already thinking about the projects I want to finish/start and have a go at. I am going to order piccies too (usually I just print myself but it takes much longer than you ever think it will)... I have classes to design and put together for Sugar and Spice (!) I am defo doing another card class and a LO/mini :)

I have ordered my Studio Calico kit, after completely using my last main kit... I have yet to start the new calendar I got as an add on but I figure this afternoon would be a good time to start with it being the 31st of December. This year I plan to make the most of these beautiful kits after getting some very, very sad news in December... that Sara has decided to take a break from SoML kits :( Her stamps were just the best and the cutest. The kits were my all time fave and i'm absolutely miserable that I won't be having a kit in January. (and to boot she is one of the sweetest ladies) Still I ordered a healthy dose of Studio Calico this month and cannot wait until it arrives... I will be stalking the postie from next week until it arrives ;)

Right off to see if that camera battery has enough juice....

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Just lately life has been extra busy. So busy infact, I haven't actually realised how busy it's been. You know when one week just goes into another and another and another. I have just been so busy.
And to make things busier... Crimbo is literally just around the corner. Do you know how busy things are going to get???!! Luckily because we had an early Crimbo with my sister and her three, I really haven't many gifts left to get. Just bits for friends, the rest of Bens and Kevs. The items that stress me most are wrapping paper *grr* long tubes + busy streets = stress :)
I have written mostly all of the cards we are going to send and so they need to be stamped/weighed and sent...
Emily has her first Crimbo concert next week :) :) :) She is very excited :) and i'm hoping that we are all over colds by then. I have work all weekend and after this weekend, I don't particulary look forward to it. Saturday at work was a very stressful 15 hours long. I was happy to be home though and not just because I was home but because I knew that I wasn't going back on Sunday ;)

And I have been making. I just need to upload. That is the story of my life.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Piccies! :)

Just a few bits to share with you:
This was my first try out using cork on a LO. I also stamped on it with my torn *tsk,tsk* october afternoon stamps! Check out the weird cardigan. Yes, I was an 80's kiddo. :)

This is the first pic i've scrapped of my eldest sis. Kinda hard to do, our relationship is pretty much non-exsitent. But this photo was taken at a happy time. A time when I wish I had more photos.

Look away if you're easily offended!!

This one is pretty rude! 'Scuse the rude-ness... Taken from the 'dares' book... I just knew this title was so apt.

I am loving the green in this picture, esp. when atm there is hardly any green around :)

And these last few are just a peek at how amazing my SoML CJ is... I just think you gals rock the scrappy scene...

Michelle, I totally agree with you here. I miss freedom too and although i'd never be without my kiddos the whole 'responsibility' thing can get alittle heavy from time to time.

Sara, this LO made me cry. I can't believe how much strength your relationship must have for you to be apart and how strong you must be for Hunter. :wub you:

Thanks for stopping by... now I have room on my camera I can take more pics... I just uploaded 103!! :) More projects to follow!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

7 Random Facts...

Katy ( has tagged me and so here are my seven random facts...
  1. Today, I have made 3 lovely little gifts from old scrapping supplies (ok, the paper was new but the paint cans were just gathering dust).
  2. I have hoovered the stairs... (told you they were random)
  3. I am currently watching Emily prance around in her HSM get-up.
  4. I am already starting to think about my new years resolutions...
  5. I have been trying to organise my scrapping supplies for over a week now. (to no avail)
  6. I love facebook!
  7. I have a CJ to post!

Other than tidying, working (!) and just being on Mum duty... I haven't much to report. I am planning on trying to photograph all my projects and get them on here though. I know that my scrappy pics have been non-exsitent lately and am planning on not being so slack.

Thursday, 13 November 2008


Life is just so busy atm.

On Mondays life is a whirl as i've worked all weekend and the house is in chaos... So I spend the morning trying to tidy up, the kiddos want to spend time with me and Em has school in the afto.

On Tuesdays we just do things together. We play and I carry on with the mammouth task of washing and drying.

On Wednesdays Em is at school until 1pm so we rush around to get her there and then Ben and I have some time together. He is so happy and easy on his own... no squabbling :) :) :)

On Thursdays (today) we have the major clean/tidy up/housework day. The whole of downstairs is blitzed. Yes, we hoover more or less everyday but on Thursdays things are done properly. The ironing gets done *groan*, all the mounting opened mail gets put away. The washing and ironing is put away. More washing is done.

I get myself ready for the weekend ~ I feel that if the house is in some sort of order, I am ready to work non-stop from Friday AM til Sunday PM. This is how it is every weekend.

And i'm not saying that I don't like it like this. I actually like feeling busy. Knowing I have heaps to do. Mentally it keeps me healthy. I feel happy and my life has a purpose. I have a purpose in making sure the house, our home ticks over for a whole three days on its own.

So, that's what i've been doing today. Getting ready for the weekend (workend) and the special visitors we have coming next weekend.... My sister is coming with her three for Saturday and we are all so excited :)

Other than all of that... Marion has gone away for a few weeks to Florida, so all hands to the pump in the shop... and I am teaching two classes on Sunday *which I still have kits to make up for*! I am also trying to makemy Crimbo cards and get them all ready to go out on December the first. This year I promise to send friends in the US and OZ cards and little gifts.

I have two of the best kits to use up too. Firstly my SoML kit arrived a while ago ( and my studio calico ( both of them have some weathervane yummies in them. I just had to order Mr.Campy stamps from Sara @ SoML too ;) that range is just so retro and cool. I also have a heap of stamps (I am loving those cheapie imaginisce ones ~ which are fab quality) which I haven't used... :( And a heap of halloween goodies I still have to use up! My mojo just seems to have vanished into thin air atm. Maybe getting some piccies printed up might spur me into scrapping...?

...Or maybe my mojo is fleeting because i'm spending tooooooo much time chatting to scrappy buddies on facebook... I am so totally happy a few US gals I know have joined facebook! I am absoloutely addicted to flitting around, sending IM's and nattering. :)

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


I read a beautiful quote today on a journo LO. It was '...the world got its HOPE back.' It just dawned on me right then. The word HOPE is so special. Through good times and bad thoughout our lives we all have hope. Whether we are 4 or 40 we have it.
  • Emily currently is hoping for a pink DS for Crimbo.
  • I am hoping for a peaceful night of scrapping.
  • Kev is most probably hoping for West Ham to win.
  • Ben is hoping not to get caught when he delves into the cutlery draw for the hundreth time today.
  • I am hoping on a lotto win this weekend (same as every Saturday).
  • I am hoping that the kiddos don't get this sickness bug going around.
  • I am hoping that I will be well when I have to go in for my exploratory surgery.
  • I am hoping that everyone I know is health and safe, no matter where in the world they are.
  • I am hoping that I will enjoy 'The Family' tonight.
  • I am hoping that I will always appreciate HOPE.

Do you get me? Do you get the HOPE thing too? I Guess I may want to start a HOPE Journo too.

So, what else has happened to me in the last 24 hrs. Not much. I had drs app. I have to have exploratory surgery which I am not so happy about :( You know I am pretty worried about it. I guess though that millions of peeps each day have surgeries and are ok. I just worry what might be wrong with me to need it. And so in preperation I had to go and have a blood test today. Which is pretty much as traumatic as being told you need surgery LMAO. My veins are non-exsistent. Even for a fat bird :) So after being stabbed a few times and having my arm totally butchered, I have a huge swollen purple bruise. Which has made me cranky as the kids always seem to hang off this arm, which now hurts. I HOPE they stop. ;) But it's nice to know after two years someone is listening to me. I have HOPE.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I have returned to school. Well. Ok. Not quiet. But hey a virtual, online school. My new teachie is the fab... Ashley Wren. OMG! This class already has me hooked. Journo'ing is the most important part of scrapping to me. Ok, You may of been swayed by pretty paper, sparkly goodies and satin ribbons... but hey. Remember why we do this hobby, right? The memories. The most important, insignificant stuff on paper. (and the most important stuff too) Just everything. Our lives. Our memories. right there on paper, forever. So anyhow. This class. Evidence. Cool, huh?

Right now I think it's be good to have an ongoing random journo full of natter. All the stuff that gets forgotten. Like how Ben is obssessed by saying 'all~gone'. Like the fact Emily stays for lunch at pre-school tomorrow for the first time ever... Like the fact I am learning to let go.

So today I have to go buy a new notebook. (I hear you *like you don't have a million already*) I have a docs app this afto too... so it'll be a good little treat to myself afterwards. And then Kev has to go back to work and teach the evening class. I will have kiddos in bed on time :) and then surround myself in paper. With wine. With a yummy supper. And try and be a good student. I will get my homework done. I will try and print out all those fabby flashcards teachie has created lovingly. I will not deviate onto facebook and spend endless hours laughing to myself like a weirdo ;)

I will also complete the kit blog sketches and upload them. I will also think of a cool project to do with this months kit.

I am going to be busy.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Heavy times...

We had Paul's funeral last Thursday and life has been one blur since then. It was hard seeing seven amazing friends turned into six. It was heart wrenching hearing Michelle's sobs and hearing Paul's mum asking why her baby had been taken away. Loss is hard to bear at any time but he was in his early thirties, how can this be fair??

Amazingly though we all had a laugh about the times we'd spent together and thought of Michelle and Bobbi and Dave. We have made promises to be better friends and actually see each other more often. I guess a big shock and loss does this. And i'm hoping it's going to be true as I think no one truly appreciates what they have until it's gone. I am now pestering Kev daily to text Lee and make sure he is ok :) Even though we are all far apart and spread across the UK, we're going to see and hear from each other much more ;)

On a much lighter note, work is busy. Working at L/C is as stressful as ever :) But saying that I guess we try and see the funny side of it all while we're there. And of course there is always time to read the hillarious e.mails which flood my inbox ;)
And in the shop ( it's fab, as always. I'm kinda spoilt with this job. Not only is it like working in my idea of heaven but there's also the best girls there. Thank you so much to Addi for inviting me to her 'Sex and Pizza' night (Kev got very excited until he realised it was actually Sex in the City and pizza) the company was great. And thanks to Marion for my lift home ;) I am looking forward to our crafty get together nearer to Crimbo.

I am also in lurvvvveee with facebook ;) This place is the coolest place to hang online. It reminds me i'm not just 'muuuuuummmm' and i'm me;) I am a person who has a fab (if not pretty colourful) past and some super~dooper buddies.

I also signed up for this Yes, it looks funky~licious. TBH I need some Crimbo-ness booted into me. I have only a few gift brought and no cards made. It's already freakin' November! I'm hoping that this will be the rocket that I need up my big fat bum to get doing....

Thursday, 23 October 2008


We lost a friend last weekend. He had been ill for a long time and he is at peace now. Losing someone doesn't get easier, it rakes up all the losses you had before them and makes them raw.

My heart is with this lovely lady on the right who was his wonderful partner and her son, I hope they can find the strength to get through this hard time together and with the support of those who love them.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

I got it!

My studio calico came yestarday and made me one happy bunny! I am kinda wishing I had grabbed some add ons now but hey ho :) I started a LO with it last night while I watched 'The Family' and 'Desperate Housewives'... (how sad am I that next week it ends :( ) I have been telling everyone how much I am loving The Family. The whole programme has me in stitches from start to finish. I know it's maybe not supposed to but you have to admit it is pretty funny.

Emily had her first pre-school parents evening last night! Yes, we finally got her into the school we wanted to and it was well worth the wait. She loves it, they love her and it is one of the best childcare places I have seen. She is having a blast while she is there and the ladies all seem to love her. She has taken an enormous shine to Natalie and has even let her french plait her hair. (Emily is just not one for hairstyles and would let it look like a haystack if i'd let her) Natalie is special. After all the aprehension aboutleaving her anywhere, I am really, really happy with them. Kev finally got to see inside and see what Emily had been nattering on about... Won't be all that long til she starts full time school and Ben and I will be left home alone without our bubbly little bunny :( My babies are growing too fast!

And I am waiting eagerly for October afternoon to come into here:

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

All sorts. (mainly thank you's!)

Problems in my life atm seemto be righting themselves. I am sure that in some people's eyes, they may think I should of done thing differently but I was sad with the whole situation. It's now all out in the open and hopefully things will be sorted and return to normal.

Is anyone so confused with Studio Calico??? I have no idea if my subscription to their kits is taken automatically any more??? I have no idea if I will get an October kit, as the money hasn't come from my account. The whole thing sucks. I know that the whole subscription through themselves rather than paypal is probably a much better idea (eps. when we're up at 5am trying to bag the add ons we want, only to be redirected to paypal to find it took too long and now the add ons have sold out :( ) but I have no idea if i'm supposed to order my main kit or not??? If my subscription has gone through or what! At least with the paypal I knew they automatically took the money for the main kit a few days before and it would also serve as a reminder to the add on release on the 28th. This month I missed out. Although, i'm not too sad as they weren't my cuppa and I have the biggest mountain of full embellie packets, papers mounting and all scrapping supplies going untouched. I need to get scrapping!

I am excited though that it's SoML ( release morning tomorrow (night if you're in the US) So at 5am I will be up hanging around for those add ons... I loved last months kit! I just love the rainbow colours and this one, from the sneaky peek look full of halloween goodness (the stamp looks fab:) ) ... this is the one kit I just have to have every month. Sara is the best at kits!

Talking of Sara too, I got my US CJ back ;) Oh my, it is full of some of the most talented scrapping ladies on the planet. And i'm proud to say my journo has braved and stayed together for well over a year and visiting many homes in the US and Canada. Thank you girls! I am going to take pics and share with you all, although I look back now and see how naff my scrapping style was *groan* and feel it kinda lets the whole album down. And back to Sara, she did the most heart wrenching story in my journo. I wanna let y'all know how super special she is to deal with her hubbie away and bring up a little guy and holding it all together. The whole CJ has put me in touch with some very inspirational women and not just in scrapping terms. I've heard tales of hubbies loosing jobs, met (ok, just online...but maybe some day our bank balance and kids will allowfor a trip) the most fabby women, losses, heart aches and new babies *Congrats Gina!* I am just amazed that there are women out there that are so strong and give inspo to us all. I feel touched that many of you shared a little bit of you in my journo. Thank you. It has made me want to scrap all day and night long!

I was teaching two classes on Sunday... (and got some beautiful flowers from Barbie ~ thank you!) and heard some great news too! I can't share just yet as it's a big secret and I feel privalidged to know... :) :) :) I am busy making something special for that special person. She is yet another inspirational woman that scrapping has put me in touch with. I am hoping that Nicky, who joined us in the family tree class has finally had a go with her cricut!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Am I that good a listener???

I really hate it when I get told stuff. Stuff that isn't nice. Yeah, we all need to vent but I hate being put in a situation between two people; where I know person A is not happy with person B and then person B asks me what person A has said... I don't think I should be put in the situation to have to lie. It's not nice and it's not fair but more over, i'm not doing it. If you want to vent, vent to someone other than me because i'm am sad:( I have been put in this miserable situation with person A and person B. Nuff said.

On a lighter note... check this out!!!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Where has the sunshine gone?

Where did the summer go to this year??? We had a few weeks of sun but now we're back to rain and dull miserable days... This little pic reminds me of a rare hot day when Emily and Benji had the bubble machine on overdrive and bounced all day long in the 'bounce zone' (if you see one on sale in elc, get one :) they are the best!) Now though, the weather is so miserable and unlike any September I can remember for at least 6 years. This whole dull and bleary days just makes me wanna stay in bed all day long, i'm sure I was a hedgehog in a former life and hibernated!! ;)
Since I haven't been scrapping for myself just lately ~ like for the past two months! *gasp* I have a) so much stash mounting up and b) have kinda lost my mojo. Not for scrapping tho. Just for scrapping for me, if that makes sense? Scrapping for classes is all about getting timings right and making a class good. With enough techniques to keep it going and not too many products to make it w-a-y over budget... and then it has to be something pretty generic that everyone will dig. I guess my 'style', if you call it that isn't loved by everyone *ha ha* and so I don't want my classes to be a complete flop. So far things are going good :) :) :) I'm very happy over at Sugar and Spice and love every minute of it. I am hpoing that we order in a whole heap of October Afternoon stash tho ;) I need those cute monsters!!!
So, anyhoo! I have lost my mojo. It might be that I haven't printed out pics in sooooo long and infact I think i'm going to order some from snapfish 'cause me and printing is just not going to happen any time soon. New photos always renew my mojo :) Or at least I hope they will.
Lastly, my old lady denture is starting to feel ok. When I say ok, I don't mean that I want to give up on having a bridge... no way! But I am feeling that maybe I can just about live with it until December. Just about.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

I'm here!

Firstly, this little boy (although he looks very girlie and is in need of a haircut!) celebrated his 2nd birthday the other day :) He didn't get the whole gift thing. He unwrapped a car first and that was it...! Off he went and left Emily to unwrap the rest (she was v.happy)...

Emily started school too! :) She is going this afternoon too for her last settling session. After that she will be going two sessions a week and I know she is going to love it! She hasn't bothered once about me leaving her and she has made a few little friends :) She is a happy little thing.

For me, i've just been working and working and working. Not that it's a bad thing because it has mainly been at Sugar and Spice...! I have had a few weekends away from London Care, it has tired me out... mainly because we are always so busy there and just because... I have had some more dental work done :( Now no laughing.... I had my extraction a couple of weeks ago then this week I had my temporary denture. I stress temporary! Until December the 8th, which IMO is bloomin' long enough. I feel like I should be drawing my pention. I actually had to go into a chemist and by sterident. To top it all off the dentist gave me a sample tube of fixodent and a leaflet with two old birds on the front, entitled 'Practical advice for denture wearers'... I hear your sniggers ;) Roll on December the 8th!!!

Sunday, 24 August 2008


I have been working hard all holiday :) Working at London Care, working at Sugar and Spice (, this above (!) as we are selling new kits and we have the best new blog coming together for those kit buyers! and looking after my two littlies, having Kev off work and trying hard to sort out all the major health issues I have and all the other loose ends I have to tie up!

Emily starts school soon :) :) :) And she has three trial sessions before she actually starts for two sessions a week in September! Yay. She is so excited and so am I! Although I have major issues about leaving her, she needs some special school time ;)

Tomorrow we are off to see our friends and their little girl Ruby... who is now one and not a little itty bitty baby. So we are driving over to Epping and off for a nice garden picnic with good friends tomorrow... and a relax too :P

Happy rest of the summer holidays!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

I am still here!

... I'm still here. Working hard and what with the school holidays ~ busy, busy, busy! And feeling a little under the weather so hence why i've been neglecting blogland.

I have heaps of pics to post but seens as my SoML kit came yesterday and my Studio Calico came today :) I am far too busy to do posting! ;)

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

I have a poorly laptop :(

My laptop is going to die soon. I am trying so hard not to use it :( And this is sooooo hard as normally it's on all day long and I dip in and out to my emails. Apologise to all of you who thought I had dropped off the edge of the earth. I haven't honest.

I have missed skirting round your blogs and catching up with you all through emails and forums! I want to hear all about your trip Michelle :)

I took my first two full classes at Sugar and Spice on Sunday, I hope you all liked them. And thank you to Nina for the nice note welcoming me early on Sunday morning when I got there to set up! It made me smile :) The jacobs ladder class did cause alot of giggles... when a few of us had to unstick them a few times or we'd of sent you home with a huge drinks coaster! The house stitching LO went down well and i'm looking forward tro seeing them with piccies in and of course the new LO's you make with the stitching and someof the ideas Jayne was coming up with were fabby!!

I also have a hetic few weeks with work. Since Kev officially breaks up today but then is going in for a few days to tidy up and catch up with marking and tie up ends... I know we have a busy summer ahead of us. We have visitors this week in the shape of Grandad and Paul. I have work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday *phew* I'm going to be pooped! Monday is Studio Calico release day :) :) :) And I have a $10 off code for newbies... On Tuesday I have to post my Studio Calico CJ and I have two days of training at London Care. ( I am not looking forward to this. I have heard mixed reviews... ;) and tbh the whole place is pretty dire just recently) Thursday I have a free day *yay*! Friday is then the 1st of August (seriously where is the year going??) and is SoML release day *hooray for kits* (esp. Sara's) and I have work at Sugar and Spice! Then the Saturday and Sunday I have two demo~ing days at Fidgeons :) I am not going to stop. This is of course all mixed in with housework *ha ha*, childcare, scrapping time and trying to be a dutiful other half *PMSL*...

Well... gotta get on with the mountain of ironing, washing up and of course lunch for my littlies :)

Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Ok, I have the most valid reason. Don't ever and I mean EVER download yahoo games! Seriously, my laptop nearly died. It has taken this whole time to clear it off and it's still not 100% right. I guess I have learnt my lesson :)

Well, apart from my nasty lil' virus i've been very, very, very busy! Working lots, trying to catch up with washing and general chores around the house. I have been busy thinking about all the birthdays we have coming up in September. We have an unbelievable 6 birthdays and so I have lots of present buying to do.

Emily finally went into her big girls bed, so far we have had no wandering at all!! Except she does call me in to put the duvet back on her at some un-godly hour ;) which is not so good... She has had her birthday present early, in the shape of a spangly pink bike ~ tasles, bells, hooters and all...!

I have been teaching at Sugar and Spice ( and start my Sunday classes this week! Yay!! :) I am also busy getting the finishing touches to my Fidgeons Demo~ing day on August the 2nd and 3rd!

And of course I have been inundated with beautiful goodies from this special laydee She really does have the best kits ever. Thank you Sara! x

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

I have always loved paper.


I have always loved paper. It started from, well ok. I don't know when but I always have. Maybe it's because as a kid we never had much. We actually never wanted for much either. We lived in a small, weenie, weenie village (which has since grown to a huge size...) and we either played outside all day long or I was inside drawing, making with flour glue and cutting. In fact pretty much like Emily is now. As soon as Ben goes up for his nap she asks to 'do making'. :)

Anyhow. Maybe thats why I love paper so. I'm pretty sure it's where my love affair started. I was never one to be bored when it was rainy. I loved it. It was a perfect excuse to lock myself in my bedroom and draw.

And then along came these:

These are little books full of teenage angst dating and dilemas. Oh my. They really do make me giggle, blush and justwant to cringe in a corner. You know, it's weird the whole take a teenager has on the world and the peeps around them. They are full to the brim with notes, piccies and little bits i'd collected that we used to call 'justice'... huh??? Don't ask!

These books are to special to me. They are semi-scrapbooks of my former self, someone whom i'm sure none of you would even recognise and I know I don't even know if i'd recognise myself either. It just has really made me realise how potentially special my scrapbooks will be to Emily and Ben; but only if I scrap all of those photographs which aren't perfect and the memories which aren't perfect too. The tears, tantrums and trials of todderlerdom and beyond. It's important. It really is them.

So I guess it's opened my eyes to scrapping me alittle more, not just for them and their kids (Emily just loves hearing about 'Grannie' (my mum) and me telling her stories) but for me too. For my sanity and for how I actually am. And I don't just mean the fluffy stuff either. I mean everything. Warts and all. It's all me. I am after all only human (I know alot of you think otherwise *ha ha*) And i'd really like to be able to include these little books full of my life in there somewhere... it's just how. How to fit over 7 books of little memories and little snippets into a scrapbook LO or mini book... hmmmm. I'm thinking hard on that one.

But I started a cool little book. Remember 'fake' wood patterned wallpaper?? Yes? I'm sure you do. Well, when we lived at Babbington Road ~ the whole of our lounge was covered in it (and i'm pretty sure we had this whole fishing net thing going on too on the ceilling) ... So yesterday I get the cutest little kit from SoML (www.story-kits.conm/store) and it has the cutest sheet of woodgrain contact paper in. Honestly. It looked as if it was just right there from our lounge wall in the 80's. I love it :) And the 7gypsies journo it came with is just super perfect too. I started to work on it. I guess part of me just would quiet happily forget the first seven years of my life. But it made me strong and so I feel it's time to bare all and get it down on paper ~ free therapy ;) 'Cept not tonight as i'm working :( and Kevy is off to see Ben Folds and Nannie is babysitting... which worries me because she has never ever put the kids to bed before. Not once. Not ever and I know they will be fine (except everyone has had sleepless nights cause we have this terrible cold and temp that is going about) but you know how we worry. And boy, do I worry.

P.S. If you got to the end of this post well done on you! Give yourself a gold star/smiley face/sweetie... God, I can natter :P

Monday, 23 June 2008

So. I tried to tidy my stash.

Last night, while watching Mary Queen of Shops (of course! what else would you watch on a Monday night???) I sat and riffled though the stash pile that has been occupying our dining room table. It seems to be breeding ~ not that it's a bad thing, I mean you can never have too many supplies... right?

So. I guess its kinda tidy. I have bagged up all my scraps and non 12"x12" sheets, boxed my whole 12"x12" sheets, boxed all my stamps, boxed my embellies and bagged all my alphas. I even have a box now for adhesives... I just know it will never stay this way and in any case, how do you scrap and stay tidy?! I seriously need some suitable space saving scrapping storage. Like now.

And the plan today is to absolutely blitz the bookshelves that 'supposedly' hold my stash, so as it can all find a nice home...........

................... Also I need to tackle a huge amount of ironing, washing, cleaning and general naff chores.

p.s. Congrats to Nina's sister and family who have welcomed their new bubba :)

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Rah! For headaches.

I have a heap of stuff to do this week, I cannot believe it will be Friday tomorrow and i've hardly scratched the surface... And then today, of all days I have the biggest killer of headaches going and I have soooo much to do. Ibruprofen at the ready ...

I did manage to break into my studio calico today with the help of a fabby new challenge blog which just had the most apt quote for me... I just had to use it. I also am not hell~bent on acid free... be free is my motto an so think i'm gonna love the prompts on this blog :)

But how adorable is the new October Afternoon 'Detours' range??? I just love the cute deer and trees. I used the maya road chipboard tree and super UHTEE'd it and then stamped it within an inch of it's life with my wood grain stamp :) The actual 'tree' part has lighter green flowers stamped on too ~ but the piccie just ain't so good! And the pin 'ohhh' I just love pins ~ so old and antique-y looking, esp. with that cute rubbed brass flower. YUM. I just love this LO. And you also can't really see that my sewing machine really was used on this LO lots too! Lots of straight stitch, zig zag and oodles of thread ;)

I have 'scrappy' work tomorrow...! Yay! And I have every intention to take my camera to have a good o'wander around and take some beautiful piccies.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

This will make you laugh.

On Saturday, between work and the madness of the past few days... we went into town and bought Emily some face paints :) Of course as soon as we got home, she needed her face painting and chose a clown (then a cat, then perfect peter ????!) she became a clown with whiskers) Also she had a buddy to join in this little face painting session.....

And this is a little sneaky~peek of one of the classes I will be running at Sugar and Spice! I just am loving the whole new fancypants ranges atm :) And with this LO I am officially reviving sponge painting :lol:

Tuesday, 17 June 2008


I worked all weekend. From Friday through til yesterday (although... scrapping classes aren't really work, are they??!) So today is my recovery, four mornings getting up at some un-godly hour aren't me. *Yawn* ... boy am I tired!

But even though, I could possibly fall asleep anywhere today ~ I am all inspired and feeling creative! I feel all ready to make, make and make some more :) I just have some really cool ideas for LO's, mini books and just 'stuff'. So I am busy thinking them through in my head and working out the best possible way to get everything done so I can go make....

And seens as I forgot my camera yesterday (and (I call myself a scrapbooker!) I have no pics of the actual day ~ but Nina and Marion do!!! So go and peek at their blogs :)

Friday, 13 June 2008


Today I had sooo much fun. You know I made things (beautiful new class things).... I saw scrummy stash all day and I spent the whole day with two fantastic ladies :) I am just so happy with my new job.

So we talked classes and talked about new ideas. We talked about a monthly kit for the shop and I am sooooo happy :) I cannot tell you how much this whole job is not actually like a job. So watch this space (and here : and here: and maybe get our newsletter if you fancy a fabby class...

Tomorrow i'm back to reality of London Care, split shifts and chaos. I am kinda really looking forward to it but partly sad that now, this job means alot less to me... Hey~ho. I'm sure it will be ok.

Well, more piccies soon... I'm working on a cute Hambly overlay book using the fan-tab-u-lous 'Berry sweet' range; don'tcha just love it???

Thursday, 12 June 2008


I'm here again... I haven't much to share as last night I was working hard (ok, ok, while I watched the apprentice) creating a little DT project for my demo day in August. Can I tell you how much I love the cosmo cricket blackboard... :) Honestly this stuff is sooo good quality and looks fab naked (I can hear you all giggling now) or covered up... no getting covered in ink as you ink the edges (although I know some of us crafters love getting covered in ink).

So last night, all I did was measure, snip and stick paper. Kev kindly turned to me as I had been working for over 3 hours snipping and such and asked: " Don't you ever get fed up of it? "... *gasp*!!! Fed up of paper??? NEVER! :)

The anticipation is also building for tomorrow... Yes tomorrow I start my new little job with Sugar and Spice. I can't wait. My head is full of ideas and good stuff. Infact any more stuff in there will send me into a melt down and my brain to mush. I have sooo much to do too but I do thrive on being semi~stressed, very busy and occupied. So today I have a heap of jobs to complete. Right now... I'm on top of everything and slowly the jobs are being knocked off.

Also on Monday !!! I have an exciting *full* on day with Sugar and Spice doing a few workshops with Lance from Rusty Pickle and Scrapgenie... ;)

P.s. Emily can write her own name :) Clever lil' thing!

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Whoooo hooo!

*Good news alert*

Yes, I have had quiet alot of good news lately, hence why i've been alittle AWOL with this blog...

Firstly I was emailed by Teresa from Fidgeons Crafts ( to go up and do two days demo~ing in August! Yay! Which of course I said yes too :) So currently i'm rolling around in Cosmo Cricket and Tinkering Ink and totally enjoying coming up with lots of fabby projects for that weekend :)

Secondly ... and probably most unexpectedly and totally fabby is that I went into Sugar and Spice ( and Marion asked me if I wanted a job there! Hooooooray! :) Of course I said yes *and did a huge happy dance* ~ the shop is so yummy and welcoming :) So I start this Friday.

So I am totally imersed in crafty projects, cutting paper and loving cardstock. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be given a chance to go for it and enjoy my hobby, these two fabby ladies have given me the chance to make my hobby part of my job. I won't be giving up London Care just yet... but who knows what the future holds?

Of course, with all this 'my love of lists' just got mega long... I have 16 tasks already and none of these are housework/mummy related. But I just am loving the fact i'm so busy :)

I also have downloaded this ( software for my expression. Honestly, buy it! It's the best and yesterday I cut some fabby fonts from my lappy. And I have also been told you can create your own designs in inkscape *whoooosh* hear that bit of technology fly over my head??! I may try, when I have more time...

And I have been 'making' lots too... Lots of LO's a few mini projects... heaps...

This one I did a while ago but forgot to upload. The piccie I used is an oldie (from 1981 *hears gasps*) and it was my first birthday :) The whole'wood' look just reminds me of back then, when we had that hideous fake wood wallpaper (yes, really!).

A simple mini of one gorgeous boys love of pocoyo.... Using one complete sheet of patterned paper and then a few scraps (and those lurverly hambly atc overlays!)

This piccie screamed out for lilac and purple paper... A random LO documenting my product love!

Mirrors on LO's are so cool. Stamping on mirrors works well too :)

And check out all the cool co'ordinations cardstock I used to cover those gorgeous chipboard stars....

Oh I just love love love this paper range ;)

And this last LO is just specially dedicated to Shaulean... She really is so fabby! And the colour of this LO really reflects her personality ~ bright, bubbly and super fantastic :)

Friday, 30 May 2008


I found this old piccie kickin' around on Kev's laptop...
How cute was this bubba??
I have been AWOL. I'm back now, well kinda. So much has been happening this last weekend and week...
Monday was the MEGA crop with Debbie Jewell, Shimelle and the fantabulous Ann (we love you even if some nasty, meanie old smackers don't ;)) and it was fabby. Had the best time, ate farrrr to much and sat next to the funniest person on the planet ~ Shaulean you rock paper laydee :)
Then this week has been a whirlwind of half term, visiting friends, work, playing with my new ipod!, family staying over, sorting out a huge ebay dispute, the dreaded dentist and Emily's immunisations. Today Kev has taken Emily off to see Charlie and Lola at Wimbledon's Polka theatre (which is a cool theatre just for littlies)... I have been up to some exciting new ventures...!
People say that luck comes in three's. Well I had three pieces of good luck starting from last night, at work I cleared the air with our acting manageress and in the process found another job there I could do during the school holidays :) Then today, I had an email with a new prospective little job :) and I also went somewhere very yummy, scrummy and was offered another job *insert big huge grin* I cannot tell you how happy I am :) I honestly and truthfully will share when I know I definately can!
Well, a small mouth to feed and a mountain of toys to tidy up.... better get back to it!
P.S. Weight loss going GREAT, I have lost 1 stone and 1 lb!! (that pound matters :))

Thursday, 22 May 2008

I have a new toy :)

Emily being rather cheeky on the 'American Whip' at Southend ;)

I decided to get a new moby a while ago. I figured now I was working alot I needed something reliable. Well, the phone I ordered came with an ipod touch. Well... it came yesterday and despite being the most dumbest person when it comes to technology I can use it! And I love it :) So last night I put a few CD's on there. It's a cool little thing.

So today, i'm going to sew myself a funky little case for it.