Thursday, 29 January 2009

Blast from the past.

I noticed this on facebook just now. OMG! This was back in 1999. I was 19. Very naive, very crazy and very much a party girl. Hard to believe now but hey. I loved to party back then. I wish i'd been better at keeping in touch with peeps though. I only actually still talk to two of the peeps in the photo. One of which I had a pretty long relationship with. I'm amazed though how many memories just came flooding back. That each of those peeps there has a story. That this is why I need to scrap more. This is SO much more than just a picture.

I'm back :)

I feel alot more human! I've felt pretty damn rough for the past few days but the good news is now that the coughing has lifted and the mojo has returned. Which is fabby because I have a whole heap of work to get on with... and of course scrapping for myself too :)

I think what finally shifted the cough was a good dose of chilli chicken, which is delish. Not for the faint hearted tho. It's full of garlic, onions, chillis, along with peppers and of course chicken... It's my fave home cooked meal and I love it ;)

Warning: your breath will stink after eating this... *lol*

But its just delish... *yum* and great for blasting away those winter germs... :)

Last Thursday we celebrated Kev's 33rd birthday... Emily and I baked a carrot cake for him (his fave) and as a surprise he brought home his mum and dad from work so him and me could pop out for something yummy to eat (this post is going to be all about food). We went over to Bas~vegas and had a yummy chinese buffet *slurpp* it was delish! And reminded me of when we went out on our first official 'meet the friends' date. As it was to one of his friends babies christenings to the same chain of restuarants... it was just as nice now as it was then. I had a fluttery moment when Kev thought Jeremy Kyle was eating in there (sad I know!) but it wasn't... he just obviously not a jez kyle fan.

Emily chose for Kev to have a monster party... can't you guess we read Charlie and Lola every night?? And so we found this cute wrapping paper in Sainsburys... I took the tags to use myself! I just love monsters!

This cute bag we found a while back in H&M. I love their kids clothes in there. If you are ever stuck for inspo and are in town, this is the shop to bring it back! I have been known to buy Emily clothes from there just so I can use them in a scrap LO. I am eagerly awaiting Em to outgrow a flocked deer top she has atm...

And this is a little something i've been working on while spluttering away :) I love trees! Maya Road trees are just the best. And after i've used them all... i'm gonna alcohol ink the tin and use it for a mini book holder.

Well, thats it for me right now. I will be back over the weekend to post more scrapping goodness. I have been doing lots, some of which I can't share just yet... I have been making LO's like its going out of fashion and just need to get my sewing machine out to whizz some bits on!

Work tomorrow and Marion is fresh back from CHA so of course, I am going to be grilling her for all the goss. I know that she was bedding down in a $12 a night hotel/motel with Shimelle and Bev so no doubt there were lots of shenannigans :)

Monday, 26 January 2009

Poorly. Sick. Ill.

*bleurgggh* I feel grotty.

I have not felt this grotty and just 'done-in' for ages. Like since I was preggo. OMG. No, ha ha... I am NOT preg ;) I feel icky though. I don't have time to feel ill though. I have SOOO much to do. It's all written down. It's all ready to be done. It's just doing it. Think I need a good dose of motivation... :)

So I plan on having today off. Today I shall be trying to recharge. As much as you can when you have two under fives ;) I shall not be tidying the house, I shall not be doing washing and the general ~ i've been at work all weekend and it's just been left ~ clean up. No. I shall do the bare minimum today. I shall not be feeling guilty. It will ALL still be here tomorrow!

So no happy scrapping pics today.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Happy :)

I just realised I had my previous mini book linked from Studio Calico by the sweetie April.


It's put a huge grin on my face right before I hit the hay :)

Paper saved my life.

It's true. You know when your life just becomes still. When the whole party scene is over. You have actually grown and you're thinking where to go now. I had like the maddess teenage and early 20's. I never had a night in from the age of like 15. It was one huge party. And then I stopped. I think it was caused by a broken heart. Not just by the random boy that started the ball rolling but by a whole series of events. New Years 2002/3 is when my life kinda stopped. For nine months I was like just bearly living. I worked hard. I slept alot and generally I didn't do much more. And I met alot of peeps. Alot of lovely peeps. Some pretty crabby peeps... and I met Kev. Who actually saw me how I am. But anyhow. It was a dark point in my life and I had known my love of paper before then but right then I found it properly. You know how you just know that this hobby is actually going to become your life. Paper saved me. Like really.

And I don't just mean that 'just' paper saved me. Its the peeps with the paper too. Like the gals i chat with at crop. Like the peeps I chat wth on line about the new October Afternoon ranges or the sassafras randomness. Or just like where they are going to while out at CHA :( I am sooo sad that you are not around the corner to just pop and see. Like how. Even when there is a few thousand miles between us, a god awful time zone diff. We know how each other is. All through the love of paper. Paper did actual save me. You know the me that will do crazy random acts. Like asking you what your celebratory dance would be if you won the lotto.

So in homeage to paper here are some of the best girls around and inspiraiton that I love. My fave place for inspo is here : The gallery is just out of this world over there. So many talented girls in one place :) I just sometimes wish the time difference wasn't such an issue. And of course the whole, nearly half way around the world thing... :(

I also love this girl I love just how darn random things get.
This cutie and her fabby, truly amazing, world changing sista SHE is A~mazing.
And this laydee she is just out of this world, freakin' amazingly so.
And this funki~licious laydee
And lastly this place too... :)

And of course, if you have a few days to waste... you can always look here And if you're after a few belly laughs and paper hasn't saved you yet (like you Jill), join here OMG, how many weirdy school friends are on there? And of course keeping up with current friends, where ever in the world you may be :)

So this post is FULL of inspo, just not here. Right now i'm up-neck in stash. I'm still trying to re-organise it. After like nearly a whole month of re-organisation. It's not right. I have thought about buying an expedit to try and attempt to store it. I have no idea if it'd work?? But you know what. It makes me happy :) I just wanna say how much I love paper and how much paper actually really did save my life.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Happy Inauguration Day

To those of you in the States and whoever may be reading this... Happy Inauguration Day!! Today should be a happy and celebrated day :) That the States just may have got their groove back. Not only does President Obama seem like a gentle, kind and down to earth kinda guy, he's simply making history.

Right now, i'm trying to upload songs to my itunes/ipod. It's too time consuming. I have so much to do and instead of getting on with it... i'm battling with technology and blogging LOL.

And i have just taken some self-portraits. OMG. When did I start to look old and look like my mother?? Ok, I have always looked like my mum. But hey, I never wanted to look like I was getting old! ;)

I am still waiting on an e.mail. I wanna shout from the roof tops happy news but until I see it in print. I will keep shtum. *sigh* And blast you freecycle who keep fooling me. Flooding my inbox. STOP!

Monday, 19 January 2009


Ever have that feeling that time is working against you. When time just vanishes?! That is what is happening right now ;) I have a busy two weeks ~ starting now! Lots of deadlines, lots of work and prep for a weekend of play!!! :)

This is the little project i've been working on for the past two nights...

I have been enjoying my Studio Calico kit this month... the add ons were A-mazing! Cosmo Cricket just rocks atm. I sat down last night and finished (well, nearly) this little book of rainbow love. Lots of piccies above (!) and I loved every minute of it!
Emily is off school today as she is poorly. She is still managing to play mario kart on her DS with her high temp and cough/snuffles/sneezes. I am mummy nurse today. I shall be mostly trying to huggle her while doing all the chores that need doing
I also signed up for a super dooper class on SiStv. Their online classes are much like Studio Calico kits ... the best! It starts today and I am an eager beaver and watching my inbox. Like every five damn minutes. Did you ever get the impression that i'm obsessional? That the majority of the time I am abit crazy? Well I am. So I am waiting for it to start, along with doing a million and one other jobs.
Honestly and truthfully... happy and exciting scrapping news to follow soon!!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Thursday and all is well...

Here is something I finshed up last night. I stitched it all while I watched the department store... that prog is cheesey and reminds me so much of home. Not that i'm a 'ee by gum' yorkshire lass but the whole northern mentality is pretty damn cool. The relaxed way of life and how things just don't have to be 'just-so'. If you get me?! Any how I finished this:

I love this hambly paper. Kraft + Birds = cool combo!

I finished this one up too... I just have sooo much of this felt (in every colour imaginable) and I haven't used it all that much. This font (jewellery box) from thickers just seems to suit it :)

I'm also not usually into cheesey embellies but seens as I made this myself...

And this was from my Studio Calico kit (a couple of months back) I am loving the technique tuesday stamps (and all stamps in general)

Roouching (or however its spelt) ribbon will never go out of fashion in my book. NEVER. And you can't beat a hand stiched button on a LO. Sticking them on just doesn't do. Stitch everything. Thats my motto. And if you've been in a class of mine, you'll know I love stitching ;)

Other than these babies I have been busy with a little secret project *shhhh* and of course wasting half my time on facebook ;) Ooooh and watching CSI. I have to admit to a) being disappointed that Warwick is actually dead. I really enjoyed his character in the last series. The story line was pretty cool. and b) I felt after all the build up to the corrupt cop (or whoever he was) was a let down. It was over so quickly. I was hoping for an x-files kinda scenario. Dragging out the corrupt-ness and secrects through a few episodes if not a few series. I am now wondering if some hottie will replace him. And when Grissom goes will CSI ever be the same?

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Exciting stuff...

I finished this cute book the other night, I have been working on it for some time ;) The goodies that made it were from a previous fabby SoML kit. We used to have wall paper that was identical to that woodgrain paper. Hence why i've filled it with my chilhood.

So much is happening right now. I have so many new projects starting and so many ideas whizzing around head. I am busy trying to make some cool new stuff ;) And I have lots of great things happening atm. I have a whole weekend off work coming up and will be making the most of it!
Gotta go... CSI is calling.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Weekends = Madness.

I managed to get this done on Friday night and finished it off today... I used heat embossing (remember that old technique?) I have forgot how good it looks with certain stamps and embossing powders. *note to self: must do heat embossing more* I'm not too sure that I did the photo justice. I have been saving this pic for so long (since 2002!) and felt now was the time to scrap it. Jill is my bestest sis ever and I wanted to pour some love into the LO. I love the sassafras papers (and have so many of them) in fact i'd be quiet happy to use them on every LO from now until eternity but somehow I don't think hedgehogs go with everything... I mainly used sassafras, some hambly, some bazzill, and some packaging from prima. The little loving birdies were from etsy... how cute are they? And a little hand stitching to finish it off :)
This arrived this morning...

I swiftly opened this box of goodies :) I was so pleased with it arriving as last night I started a beautiful valentines book which the Ali E stamps will go with. They are just perfect. Also I ordered the cutest winter little stamp from them too... I seem to have missed it last time... I also got a couple of add ons and so tonight I will be busy looking through it all! (Not using it, of course lol).
And thank you beautiful ladies for the paper advice... i'm still not sure what route to take! Mine is covering the whole of the dining room table at this exact moment. Well, apart from a small corner which I am squidged in and typing this post. I have been thinking of getting a scrapping unit or a paper unit? Just so they are stored 'away' but still accessible... *unsure*

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Domestic Goddess *Huh, whats that??*

I have been very busy this morning. Between chatting on facebook, rescuing our mountain goat (Ben has discovered his love of climbing again and insists on shouting Ta-dar! at the top of his lungs once he's reach the summit) and planning how to tidy my paper... I took some piccies and did the hugest pile of ironing, cleaned up, washed up, made lunch and played with Em and Ben. I have been super woman today ;)

This all needs to be sorted. Each of these boxes are crammed full. All kits and stash buys mingled and in need of some tlc! These are the things that need to find a home.. except my scrapping supplies home is full already. I want to hear suggestions on how to store my paper so I use it!! I tend to store it away and then forget about it and when I finally dig it out, realise that I don't like it any more. :(

Huge ironing pile, tackled, tamed and ready to be put away...!

This little baby is what i've been working on too, I need to fill it with piccies and stuff but i'd pretty pleased with the cover. It was inspired by Jayne and her 'lust book'. I will not be having Alan Rickman in mine though! :yuck:

And so, thats me for today... Tomorrow I will be at Sugar and Spice and not filling my day
tidying and playing with the kiddos and on facebook. I shall be working hard
Catching up with all the news but still having fun!!! I am going to try and remember to
take my camera so that I can take some lovely pics to pop on here... :)

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A few little projects :)

My Studio Calico CJ came back to me and I loved it!

I made this a while back from a summer SoML kit... it's not been filled
but it will be eventually. I just need to print some random sized picnic-ey pics!

This is what I love about the hambly overlays with the four designs... they are perfect
for minis!! This is a high school musical inspired mini. Em loves HSM and sings it
at the top of her lungs whenever its on the radio or tv :)

And this is what I made yesterday. Like it? It's inspired by Karen Burniston, although I am too
broke after Crimbo to consider buying the instructions, so I just made it up as I went along
I think the idea is pretty cool. The papers are just so lush, sassafras have got into
their groove :)

So the pics are backwards, but you get it, right? The house is folded into flap on the LO.

and as you open it up, she pops up to reveal two cute piccies inside. There are a few modifications I want to make but on the whole it works bloomin' well for a first attempt.
And those brads (which are delish) were a gorgeous pressie for Crimbo... thank you!

And this is what it looks like all sealed up.
Have a fun creative day. x

A house filled with paper...

I am going to attempt to sort my papers today. I have SOOOO many that I will never use but am too :( to throw them out. I know I ought to just give them to some one who would love them and more importantly use them but I can't. I still have papers from when first started scrapping and cardmaking. Those papers are hiddeous. But I know they won't be thrown out (they are only fit to recycle too...) and i'll keep them. Why?

I will freely admit to being a hoarder. I hate throwing stuff out. I do have a fit though, ever few months and blitz the house and sling stuff out. Then I start collecting again and the cycle continues ;) I think any scrapper out there can agree that at some point we stop scrapping and start collecting.

Today, I am going to be ruthless. I am going to empty the boxes and boxes I have filled with whole sheets of 12" x 12" and the boxes and boxes filled with snipped into 12" x 12" and really think if I like the stuff i've collected but more importantly will I use it...? And then i'm gonna bag them up and sort them into some sensible way. Sensible? Me?

Damn, my Scrapbook inspo mag just came through the door. Maybe all good intentions will be on hold for an hour....

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Random happiness on Tuesday... :)


This lil' one had just finished eating two yoghurts and looked so cute ;)

This beauty had just won a 1st prize on her ninten-dogs game :)

This is a double page LO *gasp* yes, I never do these but thought i'd try but it needs
something more on there.... What??!!! Suggestions welcome!!
And thank you Marion for the free wire... how cool and simple is it to use :)

And this little baby is a LO I finished up last night. I have gone back onto doodling.
I found the (dreadful) photo a while back and wanted to create a LO to remind me of my
' youff '. I think this sums it up. I doodled and wrote all over the things that this photo
reminded me of. Happy times :)

And heres a couple to giggle at. I am trying to find an old nokia charger to charge the second
phone. I know it holds some fabby piccies. Pics that will make me blush in shame
but fill my heart with happy memories...
My phone now. Not a fab camera but I love green!!

My first camera phone. The first camera phone. And it holds piccies from 2002. Me with
the biggest blackest eye you have ever seen. Piccies of Jimmies. Piccies of old, old
friends. And I have already started one of the cutest albums of this time (and
desperately want the pics) The album is a scalloped A4 making memories kraft coloured
album. Too cute. I am planning on making it just a basic pp, card and stamped
album... projects don't always turn out how you imagine them but
thats exactly what I have in mind. Plus these piccies will be super funny if I was to pop
them onto my facebook account... LOL.
And the plan for today? ipod music playing, two very happy kiddos. Lots of jobs to do, tidying up being the main one. I also had some very happy news last night too. My bestest ever sister is coming to stay with us at the beginning of the summer hols... it sounds an age away but it isn't. Her ex-other half is taking her kiddos away on hols and so she can come and stay!! :) *yay*. We need to finalise dates and stuff but it has made me so happy. Emily is also toooooo excited except she thinks she's coming today. Happy times :)