Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Being a little naughty...

Well, our broadband isn't gonna be on for a while and have found an unsecured wireless network- not sure how legal this all is but hey i'm now on the net quickly and easily than using dial up!

Truly inspired by Elsie Flannigan- please check out her fabby blog and even more fabby pictures. As she would say 'it makes me GIDDY!' when I look at it and so i'm making my own 12 x 12 patterned paper doodles- inspired by Elsie. (thank you!) Cannot wait until her new lines come out and I can get my hands on all those fabby new products.

We have had storms here today! Thought at one point it would wake Emily up as the thunder was so loud. But both slept through it amazingly. Hopefully i'll have a peaceful afternoon, well at least until they wake.

Found an old diary the other day - from when I was 11years plus (to about 14) my god!!! It was weird reading how I was then. Really weird thinking back to those times when we used to hang around my little village and just do nothing!

Well best get back to it!

Sunday, 25 February 2007

Wehave moved but still no internet! GRR!!

Here I am, in our new house... desperately drooling over Daniel Meade in Ugly Betty - he is cooooooorrrrr-somely gorgeous... Yummy! And we only just have a BT line and NO Broadband which is killing me.
I am probably rather cheekily tapping into someone's unsecured wireless network to type this and hurrying before Ben starts to cry.
Not much to say quickly except the move was hellish!!! Lots of breakages and scratches and frayed tempers. We are never moving ourselves again- especially if Kev and his Dad are doing it!

Well gonna go. Will add piccie soon and move info!!!
Love, Polly xxx

Friday, 9 February 2007

SNOW SNOW and more SNOW!

Well, woke up yesterday to a huge blanket of white snow everywhere and Emily excited!!! I, however was not quiet so enthusiastic about it all, lol. Managed not to venture out until the solicitors appointment and we are not officially all signed sealed and delivered! We can move and get the keys on Wednesday (fingers crossed there are no more gliches).
Kev also had the day off yesterday and we women all know how it is- too many chiefs and all that... Still he did take Emily out and do the post office run, so shouldn't complain.
GOING to my crop on Sunday!!! First time I will have been child free since August... can you believe it??? What will I do with myself...??? And my new stash arrived yesterday and the photos from pixmania- which were fabby!!! 100 prints and photo mug for £7.49 a complete bargain--- ORDER some!!!
Not sure how Kev will cope with the pair of them together, but maybe its time he walked in my shoes for a while and sees how easy (not) it really is. Just concerned that the pair of them will have a crabby day because Daddy will be in shouty pouty mode because he will actually have to DO something. (As you can tell Kevy isn't flavour of the month this week) ...

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

One day unaccounted for...

Yesterday just disappeared to nowhere and i'm not sure how. It's not as if I actually got anything done, besides starting everything and finishing nothing...

Today hasn't been much better. Went out- freezing cold and came home quickly as tooooooo perished to think about anything. Realised our dangerous hanging roof tile had been move- hooray... at least i'm not liable to kill the postman now.

Emily drops a cup on Ben's head- a little purple bruise has appeared and no doubt social services will be informed, lol about my neglectful mothering... ha ha ha. She actually cried more than he did. But in seriousness, emily is now only allowed to drink SITTING down, not hovvering over Ben in his chair.

Other than that still waiting for photos and stash to arrive. Solicitors app. tomorrow which'll fleece another £50 from my stash fund. Boo!

Monday, 5 February 2007

My stash arrived...

Yeah, my parcel has arrived!!! More stash and it's fabby too... the SEI papers are beautiful and match the LBOM i'm doing (little book of me) Not too keen on the felt prima's tho as they are really bright but the box is great for altering- going to make it for our new house!!!

Also ordered some beautiful stickers- the 7 gypsies Newborn ones to make a present for a buddy whos due in April...

Not much to say tonight except - bloody men, whay are they so ungrateful!!! And so unhelpful!!! I have to go now and put my littlest monkey to sleep...

love, Polly x

Sunday, 4 February 2007

Baby, it's cold outside...

It is freezing today, even though our heating is raging like a furnace i'm cold. My toes feel like icicles, brrrr!

Cannot wait until tomorrow when my package should arrive (fingers crossed) and then I can scrap all those new felt primas!!!

Also enjoying the new series of CSI... while munching of galaxy nut and sipping cola and feeling very unhealthy but happy all the same!

Emily too has been enjoying dancing to the fratellis- see pics of her 'shaking her thang' in her funky purple hat!!! Way too cute.

Saturday, 3 February 2007

Sunny Saturday...

The sun is out today- in fact for the beginning of Feb it's pretty warm. The sunshine always makes you feel happier even though I haven't scrapped once today.

The morning and lunch time was spent round at Kev's parents and then we came home and I put both little monkeys to bed... (see piccie for those two chimps) I am still trying to get together 100 photos to order from to make the £6.49 deal, even tho i've taken piccies from all pooties i'm stil 14 short... Going to just add 14 random, not so good, won't feel guilty about hacking up pics.

We finally have had our completion date confirmed- It is the 15th of Feb- for SURE! Yay! We can really start the mammoth task of packing and sorting stuff out. Must remember to book a man with a van this time as removals are so over rated... Kev and his Dad ended up doing most of it last time and he charged us £1500. It was a complete waste of stash spend, lol. It will be a busy week then though as Kevy is on half term (although he has to go in for one day), we will have to do all that last minute packing and we have said we'll go and see Jill as New Years was the last time we saw her and the kids. She is having a hard time just lately and wanna go and see her and tell her how much we love her! She is a wonderful sister and a fabby mummy.

So busy, busy this week and especially next and a NEW home! That, more importantly is OURS. All i'll need then is a little job to fund my stash habit- still very very narked that my happy scrappers order hasn't arrived! I paid extra for first class royal mail delivery on Thursday and I would've thought it would be here today but it won't be here until Monday as they sent it with parcel force... Have since heard bad reports about their postal service, oh joy!

Friday, 2 February 2007

Stash diet, What stash diet???

Well, i'm supposed to be curbing the spending on stash but it's tooooo addictive. You know it really is an addictive habit and hobby to have, of course the fabby fabby papers and goodies there are about does not help. I keep telling myself it's ok because I brought them in the sale... Even if it has cost me ££'s

I actually have been fairly lazy today- after running round all week I thought that we deserved it and so Ben, Emily and me have just snuggled up and watched cartoons all morning and sipped hot chocolate, although Emily thinks it's coffee...!

We may have a move date too- the 15th of Feb! However, if it is then I have heaps of work to do in packing, cleaning and more sorting... but as i've now found and am using freecycle it's a great way to rid yourself of trash without even leaving your comfy warm house- rather than endless trips to various recycling banks and the dump.

Have a huge project on my hands too for my sisters birthday (21st March) and so am busy beavering away with that whenever the kids will let me. Really hope (fingers crossed) that she will be pleased with it and it's not all too much.