Tuesday, 22 July 2008

I have a poorly laptop :(

My laptop is going to die soon. I am trying so hard not to use it :( And this is sooooo hard as normally it's on all day long and I dip in and out to my emails. Apologise to all of you who thought I had dropped off the edge of the earth. I haven't honest.

I have missed skirting round your blogs and catching up with you all through emails and forums! I want to hear all about your trip Michelle :)

I took my first two full classes at Sugar and Spice on Sunday, I hope you all liked them. And thank you to Nina for the nice note welcoming me early on Sunday morning when I got there to set up! It made me smile :) The jacobs ladder class did cause alot of giggles... when a few of us had to unstick them a few times or we'd of sent you home with a huge drinks coaster! The house stitching LO went down well and i'm looking forward tro seeing them with piccies in and of course the new LO's you make with the stitching and someof the ideas Jayne was coming up with were fabby!!

I also have a hetic few weeks with work. Since Kev officially breaks up today but then is going in for a few days to tidy up and catch up with marking and tie up ends... I know we have a busy summer ahead of us. We have visitors this week in the shape of Grandad and Paul. I have work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday *phew* I'm going to be pooped! Monday is Studio Calico release day :) :) :) And I have a $10 off code for newbies... On Tuesday I have to post my Studio Calico CJ and I have two days of training at London Care. ( I am not looking forward to this. I have heard mixed reviews... ;) and tbh the whole place is pretty dire just recently) Thursday I have a free day *yay*! Friday is then the 1st of August (seriously where is the year going??) and is SoML release day *hooray for kits* (esp. Sara's) and I have work at Sugar and Spice! Then the Saturday and Sunday I have two demo~ing days at Fidgeons :) I am not going to stop. This is of course all mixed in with housework *ha ha*, childcare, scrapping time and trying to be a dutiful other half *PMSL*...

Well... gotta get on with the mountain of ironing, washing up and of course lunch for my littlies :)


michelle said...

girl you have a full plate! how are you doing everything? I really need to get back to scrapping, it's been way too long. hope your laptop doesn't take a dump anytime soon.. i will email you later this week and give you all the juicy details.. love ya!

gina said...

hey paula,
i tried to send you an email, but i'm not sure if it went through. anyway, i have three of the circle journals from SOML and one of them is yours. my question is, do you want me to send you all three? or just yours?? let me know. my email is pogp@sbcglobal.net
gina rogers