Sunday, 24 August 2008


I have been working hard all holiday :) Working at London Care, working at Sugar and Spice (, this above (!) as we are selling new kits and we have the best new blog coming together for those kit buyers! and looking after my two littlies, having Kev off work and trying hard to sort out all the major health issues I have and all the other loose ends I have to tie up!

Emily starts school soon :) :) :) And she has three trial sessions before she actually starts for two sessions a week in September! Yay. She is so excited and so am I! Although I have major issues about leaving her, she needs some special school time ;)

Tomorrow we are off to see our friends and their little girl Ruby... who is now one and not a little itty bitty baby. So we are driving over to Epping and off for a nice garden picnic with good friends tomorrow... and a relax too :P

Happy rest of the summer holidays!

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michelle said...

Everyone has been so busy this summer! Awesome that Emily is so excited to start school.. I still have one more year to get my little get out of the house! lol. off to check out the new bloggity!