Thursday, 2 July 2009

Very Sunny Here!

It's so sunny here. And I mean SUNNY. I think yesterday was 32 in the shade and the day before even hotter. I am not wanting to complain but I do not enjoy the heat. It makes me tired, lazy and just wanting to veg out. Consequently I have not ironed as yet this week... the pile is growing and growing. I am guessing it may take me an hour later on to conquer it :(

I had some extremly good news yesterday but it's all alittle *hush-hush* yet! Well, I think I ought to keep it schtum for a while. Its very good though, well I thought so... Kev was little more disappointed as he thought we had won the lottery :D No, I haven't.

I have been also working on my Donna Downey fabric album which I got a couple of kits back from Studio Calico. I decided on a forum suggestion over here, to make a button rainbow and stitch it onto the front cover. Now the rainbow is finished, it looks fabulous!! I love it. It jingles, it tinkles and rattles. It has also made me realised I have w-a-y too many buttons but it was hard work. That cover is made of stern stuff. In the end I stitched it on some left over cotton I had and then tacked it on with blue embroidery thread. The sewing looks untidy but its supposed to have that overall handstitched appeal. I wanted to wunderweb it on but had no idea how too with a whole heap of buttons already on there, maybe thats where I should've foreplanned and wunderwebbed the cotton on first and then stiched the buttons on. Still, the plan is starting to come together. There is no doubt that this months SC kit will be here before I have finished this album!

Our obssessions this week:
Kev - he has his new joystick thingie and has been on it every night this week. He is out tonight for a haircut though so I may have the downstairs tv to myself!
Emily- she is loving Ella. The cute little girl from over the road :)
Ben - he is loving the waybulloo's! he love yojojo ;)
Me- I am loving the fact I have so many crafty projects on the go and in two weeks, this Friday my sister will be here to stay... and that Emily soon breaks up from school, along with Kev...! Good times at the mo, even though it is alittle too hot for my liking :)

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