Monday, 15 September 2008

Where has the sunshine gone?

Where did the summer go to this year??? We had a few weeks of sun but now we're back to rain and dull miserable days... This little pic reminds me of a rare hot day when Emily and Benji had the bubble machine on overdrive and bounced all day long in the 'bounce zone' (if you see one on sale in elc, get one :) they are the best!) Now though, the weather is so miserable and unlike any September I can remember for at least 6 years. This whole dull and bleary days just makes me wanna stay in bed all day long, i'm sure I was a hedgehog in a former life and hibernated!! ;)
Since I haven't been scrapping for myself just lately ~ like for the past two months! *gasp* I have a) so much stash mounting up and b) have kinda lost my mojo. Not for scrapping tho. Just for scrapping for me, if that makes sense? Scrapping for classes is all about getting timings right and making a class good. With enough techniques to keep it going and not too many products to make it w-a-y over budget... and then it has to be something pretty generic that everyone will dig. I guess my 'style', if you call it that isn't loved by everyone *ha ha* and so I don't want my classes to be a complete flop. So far things are going good :) :) :) I'm very happy over at Sugar and Spice and love every minute of it. I am hpoing that we order in a whole heap of October Afternoon stash tho ;) I need those cute monsters!!!
So, anyhoo! I have lost my mojo. It might be that I haven't printed out pics in sooooo long and infact I think i'm going to order some from snapfish 'cause me and printing is just not going to happen any time soon. New photos always renew my mojo :) Or at least I hope they will.
Lastly, my old lady denture is starting to feel ok. When I say ok, I don't mean that I want to give up on having a bridge... no way! But I am feeling that maybe I can just about live with it until December. Just about.

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