Tuesday, 30 September 2008

All sorts. (mainly thank you's!)

Problems in my life atm seemto be righting themselves. I am sure that in some people's eyes, they may think I should of done thing differently but I was sad with the whole situation. It's now all out in the open and hopefully things will be sorted and return to normal.

Is anyone so confused with Studio Calico??? I have no idea if my subscription to their kits is taken automatically any more??? I have no idea if I will get an October kit, as the money hasn't come from my account. The whole thing sucks. I know that the whole subscription through themselves rather than paypal is probably a much better idea (eps. when we're up at 5am trying to bag the add ons we want, only to be redirected to paypal to find it took too long and now the add ons have sold out :( ) but I have no idea if i'm supposed to order my main kit or not??? If my subscription has gone through or what! At least with the paypal I knew they automatically took the money for the main kit a few days before and it would also serve as a reminder to the add on release on the 28th. This month I missed out. Although, i'm not too sad as they weren't my cuppa and I have the biggest mountain of full embellie packets, papers mounting and all scrapping supplies going untouched. I need to get scrapping!

I am excited though that it's SoML (www.story-kits.com/store) release morning tomorrow (night if you're in the US) So at 5am I will be up hanging around for those add ons... I loved last months kit! I just love the rainbow colours and this one, from the sneaky peek look full of halloween goodness (the stamp looks fab:) ) ... this is the one kit I just have to have every month. Sara is the best at kits!

Talking of Sara too, I got my US CJ back ;) Oh my, it is full of some of the most talented scrapping ladies on the planet. And i'm proud to say my journo has braved and stayed together for well over a year and visiting many homes in the US and Canada. Thank you girls! I am going to take pics and share with you all, although I look back now and see how naff my scrapping style was *groan* and feel it kinda lets the whole album down. And back to Sara, she did the most heart wrenching story in my journo. I wanna let y'all know how super special she is to deal with her hubbie away and bring up a little guy and holding it all together. The whole CJ has put me in touch with some very inspirational women and not just in scrapping terms. I've heard tales of hubbies loosing jobs, met (ok, just online...but maybe some day our bank balance and kids will allowfor a trip) the most fabby women, losses, heart aches and new babies *Congrats Gina!* I am just amazed that there are women out there that are so strong and give inspo to us all. I feel touched that many of you shared a little bit of you in my journo. Thank you. It has made me want to scrap all day and night long!

I was teaching two classes on Sunday... (and got some beautiful flowers from Barbie ~ thank you!) and heard some great news too! I can't share just yet as it's a big secret and I feel privalidged to know... :) :) :) I am busy making something special for that special person. She is yet another inspirational woman that scrapping has put me in touch with. I am hoping that Nicky, who joined us in the family tree class has finally had a go with her cricut!


Jo said...

Hey Paula - I asked the same question re subs on the SC message board, and Scarlet said that the payment for the kit sub would come out of our account on the 1st of the month - the add ons we order will be charged straight away from whichever payment you input then.

Glad things are sorting themselves out for you,

Jo xx

michelle said...

girl, i just let it go with studio calico.. i've had huge probs with the whole subscription thing. anyways, hope everything is going good with you.. still haven't seen my journal anywhere!

Anonymous said...

It's such a cool thing to get your cj back and realize its journey! I had the opposite problem with studio calico. I canceled my sub and they kept charging me and charging me. I can't tell you how many times I requested that they refund me my $ before they got around to it. I don't like kits that automatically renew. But I really did love their kits..