Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Just lately life has been extra busy. So busy infact, I haven't actually realised how busy it's been. You know when one week just goes into another and another and another. I have just been so busy.
And to make things busier... Crimbo is literally just around the corner. Do you know how busy things are going to get???!! Luckily because we had an early Crimbo with my sister and her three, I really haven't many gifts left to get. Just bits for friends, the rest of Bens and Kevs. The items that stress me most are wrapping paper *grr* long tubes + busy streets = stress :)
I have written mostly all of the cards we are going to send and so they need to be stamped/weighed and sent...
Emily has her first Crimbo concert next week :) :) :) She is very excited :) and i'm hoping that we are all over colds by then. I have work all weekend and after this weekend, I don't particulary look forward to it. Saturday at work was a very stressful 15 hours long. I was happy to be home though and not just because I was home but because I knew that I wasn't going back on Sunday ;)

And I have been making. I just need to upload. That is the story of my life.


michelle said...

well i hope you slow down enough to enjoy your christmas.. can't wait to see em's christmas concert exciting! don't work to hard and have a merry christmas

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