Monday, 19 April 2010

Its all sunny :)

As you can see i'm still loving hipstamatic! :) I am also loving here, for some great artistic inspo. It has a collection of some of the best LOs on the web. It is by far my fave gallery for when i'm feeling like my mojo has upped and left. It makes me love making again... :D

Blurry happiness :D

It's all sunny here. I am loving the sunshine, the fact that the back door is open for the kiddos and dog to run in and out as they please. Even though Em isn't doing much running right now, she has chicken pox. Yes. She is awfully spotty. Luckily she isn't scratching too much.
I've been busy working and trying to fit in everything and everyone. You know how it goes when you have kiddos. Just busy. Joan is still pretty poorly, I'm turning 30 this week, Em's off school, the dog is just being doggy, Kev is back to work... life is just happening!!
We are all though, enjoying the extremely sunny weather :) I hope you are too.

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