Thursday, 15 April 2010

I still am here...

Firstly, i'll show you this. It's on my phone atm and is created with my favourite-est app. Hipstamatic. I think i've brought all of the lenses, films, flashes etc to go with it. I love that old, polaroidy type piccie it creates. Truly beautiful.
Secondly, i'm still here. I'm just incredibly busy. I am stopping the shop though :( Joan is so poorly and really the final straw was on mothers day Kev could not go and visit her as he had to have the kiddos and they had colds. She really can't get anything atm as it'll affect her chemo and that will be bad news :( Also now that Ems at school we actually hardly get any quality time together... its making me sad and our how family just not work together and I have to think about them first and foremost.
Thirdly, I have just about recovered from Ally Pally. Yes, it was incredibly busy on the Saturday and incredibly hot on the Sunday! I didn't buy alot really, a few stamps (which I promised myself I wouldn't but they were the cheap snag 'ems so I felt able too!), a donna downey prima apron and some melody ross overlays! *YUM* and all thanks to June for spotting thoses babies! Although Ally is hard work, its extra rewarding with the thank you's, the nattering and just hearing the excitement the majority of peeps there share for paper ;) Also the fact you get to see the coolest jewellery, the funkiest bags and the best shoes. Paual Pascal had the cutest dog and cat pumps going :) I loved them!
So its my last Sunday at the shop this week, I am finishing around lunch time. I'm sure there will be a few tears. I hope my class goes well as its my last.... :S
On the L/C front, its all go as always. I was out til gone midnight last night finishing up some mistake that had been made. Thankfully not getting shouted at. I got my first ever apology phone call this morn too. I have just about recovered ;) And as bad as it does get there. Its still all good. I still really enjoy being there. Dealing with it, sorting it out, problem solving. Ok, I don't enjoy being shouted at but I do like to feel that I am helping. That I am trying to make a difference.
Fourthly (as I went off on a tangent slightly...) I enjoyed the GoGo Getaway SOOOOO much. I cannot tell you how bloomin' exciting it was. How great the classes were and how much I just loved it all. It was fab. I particularly loved this girl here. Her two classes were super cool. She is the most inspirational person for me at the mo. And to top it off she sounds like shes Stacey (from Gavin and Stacey) which is ubber cute.
Fifthly... have I made anything?? Lots. Honest. Just no pictures. I have two brand new kits waiting for me. A huge stack of new papers from work and I have zero mojo right now. But I did have. I have made heaps. I just filled a whole new american crafts album. So maybe I oughta take a snap and share???
TTFN for now though...
Polly x

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