Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Time ~ where does it go?

It seems lately I spend my whole time chasing my tail ;)

September is the busiest ever month for us at home. We have Ben turning 5 and starting schoolio and Emily is starting year 2 and turning 7. My middle sisters three children celebrate their birthdays, another niece and nephew celebrate birthdays too! It seems September is the month when I need a money tree :D

Also, along with Benji starting schoolio, Kev goes off back to school/work. It means the whole balance we had going on for the last six weeks ends and its back to mumma doing kiddos, house, dog, work etc... I honestly loose my mind in September.

We are off to Legoland and a hotel stop over for the weekend of Em's birthday :) So we have that to look forward to as a family, amongst the birthdays and fun.

I have Ally Pally with Marion and Jayne to look forward to right at the end of September :) With Sugar and Spice! *Squee* I'm ever so excited by this. I love just getting away and although its tiring on the feet, I think we spend the whole time laughing. I am looking forward to it so much. Since leaving the shop, I miss the chatter and fun. Marion is now, on QVC! A superstar. Much better than Dawn Bibby ;) and i'm not quiet sure how she is doing it. I thought my life was busy!

I am still working hard with my jewellery Made by Polly, and am adding more and more pieces to my range, slowly but surely. I am selling lots. It has been through word of mouth and those of you who have brought. Thank you very much. Your lovely comments make me so happy.

I have designed this double pendant, which has Em and Benji's prints on but I recently did for a married couple. How cute is that! It had the date inscribed on the back :) It was so sweet to hear about their wedding and him giving her this pendant as a gift. Truly heart melting :D

These weenie babies are just super cute! They are perfect for a little gift for a bracelet or necklace for someone who doesn't want such a chunky charm. Or perfect for a little miss who wants to feel grown-up and special. They hang great individually or seperately and I can't make them quick enough! I can't complain ;)

In other news: It's Nina's crop on Thursday night...!

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