Wednesday, 24 September 2014

A day in the life... of me.

06:30: First alarm goes off. Go back to sleep.

06:40: Second alarm goes off. Usually at this point, I will hear Ben scuttle downstairs for his iPad.

06:45: Get up. Shower, teeth. Get ready.

07:00: Get kiddos up. Breakfast for them.

07:20: Tell kiddos to hurry up eating. Usually they are fiddling with stuff left on the table or day dreaming.

07:30: Do hair, make up, make sure kiddos are getting dressed, doing teeth etc...

07:50: Leave for school drop off.

07:55: Drop at breakfast club.

08:05: Drive to work. During term time I sit in a lot of traffic.

08:15-08:45: Dependant on traffic, arrive at work. Let myself in and start my working day. I don't officially start until 9am but always start earlier. I often think I am a little foolish for doing this but still do.

13:45: Maybe try and get some lunch, workload permitting. Always at my desk, always still working.

16:55: Pack up and get ready to leave work.

17:00: Leave. As it's Wednesday the kiddos are at our child minders, so head over there to pick them up. Hope the traffic isn't bad.

17:25: Pick up kiddos from minders.

17:35: Home. Phew. Start tea, wash up breakfast pots if Kev isn't already home.

18:15: All eat tea.

18:45: Kiddos flop on the sofa, usually on their iPad or iPod. Sometimes Emily might read. Kev lays on the sofa.

19:15: Kiddos get ready for bed.

19:30: Kiddos ask for a treat before bed. We usually watch the Simpsons or you've been framed. Kev is still sprawled on the sofa.

20:00: Kiddos to bed. Toilet/teeths. Emily always take a fresh water bottle to bed with her. She never drinks it. Say goodnight to Em first. Then Ben. It's always the same routine.

20:15: Flop in front of the TV. Maybe wine. Yes, quiet often wine. Maybe some making, if I am not too tired. Kev usually is now asleep on the sofa. Often snoring.

22:00/23:00: Bedtime. Always later than planned and in the morning I always wish I had gone to bed earlier....

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