Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Piccies! :)

Just a few bits to share with you:
This was my first try out using cork on a LO. I also stamped on it with my torn *tsk,tsk* october afternoon stamps! Check out the weird cardigan. Yes, I was an 80's kiddo. :)

This is the first pic i've scrapped of my eldest sis. Kinda hard to do, our relationship is pretty much non-exsitent. But this photo was taken at a happy time. A time when I wish I had more photos.

Look away if you're easily offended!!

This one is pretty rude! 'Scuse the rude-ness... Taken from the 'dares' book... I just knew this title was so apt.

I am loving the green in this picture, esp. when atm there is hardly any green around :)

And these last few are just a peek at how amazing my SoML CJ is... I just think you gals rock the scrappy scene...

Michelle, I totally agree with you here. I miss freedom too and although i'd never be without my kiddos the whole 'responsibility' thing can get alittle heavy from time to time.

Sara, this LO made me cry. I can't believe how much strength your relationship must have for you to be apart and how strong you must be for Hunter. :wub you:

Thanks for stopping by... now I have room on my camera I can take more pics... I just uploaded 103!! :) More projects to follow!

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michelle said...

looks like you've been busy! I can't believe you got your CJ back.. I have no idea where mine is right now. wth!