Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Happy Halloween

We spent the end of October here... in Disneyland Paris! The kiddos had the best time. In fact we all had a great time. We stayed in a very clean and big appartment in Val d'europe which I would reccommend to anyone. It had a huge shopping centre and was only a two minute train ride to the park.
Emily was just amazed by it all. Ben loved it too... and kept shouting mickey mouse! It was just so great that it was halloween and everywhere was decked with orange pumpkins! Peeps dressed as pumpkins and spooky halloween music :)

This was probably one of the cutest pics of Em we had taken with Jasmine, whom she now loves!!
And this mouse (and her boyfriend) who both gave Em a kiss!! This was Minnie just swooping in for one. I think Emily has told everyone she knows time and time again that she got a kiss from Mickey and Minnie :D

This, needs editing as the sun was pretty bright, the weather was amazing and actually we needn't of even took our coats! Donald poked all the dads bums with his fork if they looked miserable. Hence why Kev has that strange grin...

I got this while I was waiting for Em and Kev who were on the haunted mansion ride. Which Em hated. She is such a scardey cat. The chipmunks were mine and Ben's favourites. So cheeky and so bloomin cute.

Thought I oughta be in a few photos, despite looking h-u-g-e. And Em refused to stand by the 'scary' men pumpkins on her own.

But she would stand with these dressed up lady ones. Esp. because they gave her a packet of haribo jellies :D

So we had a fab halloween. Em thinks we will be going back again next time we have a holiday! She loved it. Ben loved it. Kev has the coolest video of the pumpkin parade but i'm not sure how to add it onto here...??
In other news: (this maybe ranty!) and random)
I am re-evaluating my life right now. It seems I never have a minute to spend with everyone all together. Kev walks in from work and I walk out. The weekends he is home and i'm at work. Em is at school all day and so I hardly see her. We have alot of family issues right now with Kevs mum being ill and i'm not sure that at the moment I am putting us first. I'm not sure how it can carry on. Besides that I am just so tired of trying to fit in everything. It is near on impossible right now. So alittle readjusting might be needed. I'm not sure what is happening but I know I cannot keep doing more and more. I am already struggling and stressing to do everything.
Inappropriate comments. Is it me or are some peeps just plain rude! I am sure, maybe I am way to sensitive about some things. But it seems lately I just want to rant about some peeps ideas, comments and how narrow and small minded they can be. RAH! On the upside I am loving the use of twitter to rant. It is a great medium to get it off your chest :D
The rain. Why is it that it always rains at school drop off or pick up time? Is that the weather law?
I need crafty space advice. I think I need to move my expedits downstairs but am unsure. How do you store your craft stuff in them. (currently mine is sectioned into whole sheets of paper/card, scraps, paints mists etc, chipboard, stickers, etc...) The never ending question for the best scrapping stuff storage solution is here again. Help!
Why is it I am always so tired. Seriously. Although the answer maybe above. That I am stretching myself too far.
But on the upside!!! It is actually not that long until the March GoGo Getaway...! I am getting excited :) Time out to relax, scrap and have no stresses! I shall be saving alot of my Studes kits to take with me to use. And I have already made a little mini to jot down all the things I think I defo want to take with me. It's now less than 5 months away :)
And lastly... I seem to have solved the problem with the viagra posts :D There is some debate from where it came from but it seems ok now. Hooray!

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Jayne said...

I dont think we ever get time to ourselves any more. I have to have a diary and I have blanked out some weekends just to give me some time for me. Otherwise, as you say, its just go go go and you end up on melt down.