Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Tee Hee Hee :D

Here it is. The pumpkin parade. Emily has watched this at least a million times since we got back. Ok, slight exaggeration but nearly a million times. I have started a mini dedicated to Halloween Disney using the heaps of fancy pants halloween stuff I have. I am bagging it up to take to PJ crop with me. When I get some me time! :D yay!

I had my first day back at L/C tonight. I am so pleased Ann is back. I missed Ann very much the two weeks she was away while she was in hospital. Ann is just the funniest. Tonight was nice and simple. I like nights like that there. Although, they are very few. Simple and easy nights remind me of how much I do love being there.

I have making to share but I have not had to photograph it yet. I will, at some point this week/weekend. I am working in the shop on Saturday and Sunday... and hoping that by having Saturday night off I will be less tired!

As for the rest of my week... I have a whole heap of housework to catch up on. A huge stack of ironing. Upstairs looks like it doesn't even know what a hoover is. I have washing to do. Lots of it. I have cleaning to do. I am not sure how to fit it all in with popping back and forward to school all day long (or so it feels!) I am hoping for no more rain until at least Saturday, so as I do not get wet on the schoolio runs. On Tuesday I managed to get wet 6 times. Yes, even with an umbrella. Being wet does make me miserable :(

And then I need to plan what i'm taking to PJ crop :D I have no idea yet. I hate planning ahead but I cannot take everything. I also need to order photos and print some too.

Lots to do and so little time.

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