Friday, 26 February 2010

I'm back. (well for now!)

I can't quiet believe I haven't blogged for so long. Well, ok I can. What can I say? I've been busy. I have been working hard, which has been very stressful this week, I have been making sure the kiddos are ok, school, holidays, tears etc..., Joan is still pretty poorly and is starting chemo again next week :( , I have taken on more shifts at work which means alot of juggling and me feeling more tired! and you know life has just been happening!!

Em on Crimbo morning, I can't remember what she'd just opened but she was happy :)

I can't say that over Crimbo I was overly creative... I didn't make anything really. I just worked! And its only been the last week that i've actually made stuff :) It has made me happy! I did move all of my craft stuff downstairs after deciding being shut up stairs wasn't for me... I struggled and moved it all on my own. It still looks in alittle chaos but I am using it much, much more. I nearly know where everything is ;)

I have the Go-go retreat coming up at the end of March too... I can't explain how excited I am :D I am soooooo excited and i'm already planning my photographs I want to take, papers, embellies etc... basically as much as I can damn well carry really! I am just looking forward to some me time with no work stress, no home stress, just doing what the hell I want to do and not having to think about anyone else! Sounds selfish, maybe but I think I need a bit of a break. I have got all my first choice classes :) And am particularly excited about the Helen Miles classes. I'm hoping for whimsy!!

We have a new edition to our family - Betty!! Yes a little pup-dog! I went and picked her up on December the 27th. She is pretty cute but chewing everything at the mo.... Her favourite chomps are lego men, playmobil pieces and cuddly toys. We also lost Nibbles, he sadly passed away in January... :( Emily was devastated. He had been poorly though for a while, so maybe it was for the best. R.I.P Nibbles.

And this one... well just alittle something to make you laugh... Emily got these in a party bag but it was Ben and me who actually enjoyed them the most!

P.S. if you're after an itunes reccomendation... get Chris Moyles' Parody album. 'Big bum' will make you nearly pee yourself.

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Alison5 said...

Nice to have you back to the world of blogging! Wow you have had a hectic time lately. Soooo looking forward to the Getaway and it will be so nice to meet in real life xx