Monday, 1 March 2010

Hullo *waves*

Ok, so here I am again. I'm not sure what i'm meant to say anymore, so i'm gonna waffle on and then sign off ;) Here's a cute pic of Betty...!

I am feeling v.lucky at the mo, as yesterday we had sky HD fitted (with every single channel imaginable) and I got my iphone delivered by hand by some pretty kind guy :D What a shame I was working and had to wait until gone 9pm to play with it!! I finally just got my apps all sorted and stuff... but :( I lost my game of bookworm.... I was on level 54!!!!!!! and I lost my wheres wally game too. I know they are on my touch still but seens as i'm gonna whack that on ebay it'll all be gone. So let it be a record here... I got to level 54 on bookworm and I was still going!! :)

Another busy week at work this week... It's my short week when I work just Wednesday night but i'm going in early for my appraisal. Not sure how well it will go :/ Although I think it should go bloomin fab seens as I dealt with a huge abuse case last week... :( This has been adding to my stresses really. I will be glad when all of that is over and done. TBH the only thing that is keeping me going is the fact that 1) I'm not at work on Saturday!! and 2) Its not long til the Gogo getaway now. THAT last fact is getting me through everything atm :D

Today, has already been filled with lots of phone calls... don't you just hate waiting in queues with crabby music? God, I am moaning! Thats what Southern Electric will do for you! My account is in credit, we have changed energy supplier and STILL I am waiting for my refund... :RAH: I have been waiting since the 5th of February. Not good.
I had to cancel Emily's speech therapy session (yes, her school have told me she has speech issues)... hmmm. Not so sure but hey ho, we'll go and see. Purely because Joan is having chemo on that day and so it means Gramps cannot come and watch Benji.

I have scrapped. Honest. I just haven't taken any pics of it. I may just take some with my iphone and then tweet them. I love twitter :) *wub* Its gotta be my fave and best app ever. I love reading random tweets, seeing random pics and just writing nonsense. Maybe thats why my blogging has suffered. I'm pollyscraps over there if you wanna see what I have to say... ;)

Right, retro scooby doo is on right now. Remember that old theme tune?! So off to make Benji lunch and watch it with him...!

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