Sunday, 6 February 2011

Where have I been...

I guess you've all left me, seens as I haven't posted for like an age :( Life here has been busier than ever. I am still making though :D
I was told before Christmas that I would no longer have my job come March the 31st, as they have deemed it cheaper for a call centre to do my job... I'm sure they'll want to be helping old ladies get their jim-jams on at near on midnight ;) Still, they know best *ahem* and so I had that nonsense to deal with. Luckily, I was offered a part time job there in the day, so I am now getting Benji childminded for two hours a day to make it possibly. Its not the exact way that I wanted it to happen but I needed a job, so needs must!
So, I have been working 3 jobs, although for only one place -its driving me mad! I am so tired. The past four weeks, i've worked 28 days. Yes! Everyday each week. Luckily, I have managed to give up most of my out of hours :) and so that will ease my day job and my supervisior role. I might even manage some time for scrapping!
So far this year, scrapping has taken a back seat and i've made only two layouts. I'm hoping now my hours are reducing and i'm adjusting to being back at work in the day and having to get myself and two kiddos ready for work and schoolio!
I'm hoping that now we're into February and the house is in alittle more order... I spent the whole day cleaning today! My one day off and I scrubbed all day. Each of my babies are sleeping in gleaming rooms with cosy, freshly made beds tonight :) From now on i'm hoping life will slow down.... please!?!!

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Michelle said...

Hello Polly Im Michellek on instagram! Ur blogs lovely! I see we follow the same kinda blogs :) Catch up soon x