Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Apologise for the previous posts!!

Howdy-doo everyone!

A big thank you to Clare who alerted me to my previous posts (now deleted...) you can guess what they were about! :S I'm getting narked with it all, it seems no matter how many times I change my passwords/email account; they hack it! RAH ;)

In other news, i'm still working mega hard. Stressful but rewarding. I got three compliments today, which is very unusual. Normally its all moany old ladies (and gents). Today, I achieved alot, got complimented and laughed when a colleague fell off her chair. (She laughed too, so it was ok!).

In other news: I've had problems with a store in the US called Scrappy Land. Don't use them! :( I ordered a heap of *SMASH stuff from them (have you seen it... its fab! But it arrived half missing and damaged. I am fighting for my paypal refund right now. As you can imagine, i've had pretty grim email responses from them. Don't use them. Its not worth the hastle!

I have GOOD news though from this lady here, she has got me a new little design job...! With QVC :) whoo hoo! So I have made a few samples for 3 new kits/products coming up... Not sure when but they are bits you will 'need'.

I have been making lots too, I just haven't been photographing it... as now I am such a bad blogger. I am just hooked on Twitter and Instagram. Its just much more friendly and straight away ;) I shall try and attempt blogging again. I did love my blog so much a few years ago. I'm not sure why I lost the love for it all. I'm sure it has a direct link with work though and time.

Also. i'm making silver imprint jewellery too... over here www.madebypolly.co.uk

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