Saturday, 10 January 2015

A late hello to 2015

Hello 2015.

I hope you're kind to me this year. 2014 was not as quiet as kind as I would of liked but then we don't always get what we need do we?

But 2015, I hold out a lot of hope for you. 2015, you are full of promise, wonder and hope. Life in 2014 changed immeasurably for me. I finished working and still am waiting for another job... I lost my dad. He wasn't a dad. He was just my biological father. Life changed. I faced up to all demons I had in my past. I dealt with it. I moved on.

I inherited a lot of rubbish. I also inherited a lot of good stuff.

I wore a lot of rubber gloves. I used a lot of black bags. I had a few more (okay, maybe a lot more) hairs turn grey.

I still stayed strong in 2014. I got through it.

2014, you did bring some wonderful things though. I grew even closer to my wonderful sister Jill. I found friendships flourished with my nieces and nephew. I realised this time, when my children are small, I can never get back, so cherish it.

2014, you were bad at times but sometimes you were good too.

I do though, hope 2015 just is ever so more lovely, wonderful and special.

2015, I need you to be. I am holding out all hope for you.

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