Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Busy. Busy. Busy.

I am not quiet sure how I managed working full time and fitting all this in... okay maybe not so many T.V programmes....! Well, anyway. I have been busy. Life is busy. I have the renovations going on at my dads  MY house. It has literally nothing in it any more. Nothing. It moved really quickly but it has now slowed down and it is stressing me out a little! Waiting on architects, it's no fun. 
I also sold the morris minor, the bikes and trailers are still there. Hopefully next weekend they will be gone....?!! And then all the tools. All the tools! Oh my! Well, it's a job that needs doing. 

So as I have been job hunting, builder managing, car selling... I managed to squeeze in a little making. 

 I made this. Over Christmas we went on the Harry Potter studio tour and this was my favourite bit... the Yule Ball model! It was gorgeous! I used pearlescent embossing paste and a stencil to make a snowy pattern background. It has all sparkly sequins and gems on. I love that photo.

 I also have done this.... I rekindled my love of sewing. Emily brought this with some of her Christmas money. It's a young Ana from frozen.... minus her dress as I made her a little red dress (and cape - not pictured). Emily was astounded. She was super pleased. It was a simple make... we plan on a whole wardrobe for her! Time permitting!

And I found this oldie on my phone. Ahhhh Leanna and Scott's wedding... nearly 2 years ago!!! What a lovely day it was.

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