Saturday, 10 January 2015

Beautiful things

I have been making madly. Using up all the goodies I have stored, you know... those things for a 'special' project. Every project is special. Use it. Don't store. Use, enjoy and make pretty things!
I have been working hard to get my 2014 album finished. It's a mixture of Project Life and 12 x 12 LOs. I like the variety. I hope to of finished it this weekend.... No pressure then.... ;)

This baby is now sold. My little inherited 1968 Morris Minor Traveller. My moggy. She really is so beautiful. Simple. She smells old (think a fusty old museum smell) but simply because she has been shut up for 13+ years. Today someone bought her. She should go on Tuesday. I am sad. I cleaned her up today. I wanted to keep her. It's just not sensible. She needs to be loved properly. Driven. Taken care of.

I did this a week or so ago. I like the reminder of A-L-L the tv series that I've watched. (Lots). I like the idea of year on year documenting this type of thing. I think it shows change. It is true documentation about my life, my time, my tastes... just me.
It's one of the reasons I love project life so. The year on year changes. The documentation. The extraordinary ordinary things we do. The yearly changes. The yearly similarities. Life. Our life.

Documenting in any form makes me happy.

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