Tuesday, 17 June 2008


I worked all weekend. From Friday through til yesterday (although... scrapping classes aren't really work, are they??!) So today is my recovery, four mornings getting up at some un-godly hour aren't me. *Yawn* ... boy am I tired!

But even though, I could possibly fall asleep anywhere today ~ I am all inspired and feeling creative! I feel all ready to make, make and make some more :) I just have some really cool ideas for LO's, mini books and just 'stuff'. So I am busy thinking them through in my head and working out the best possible way to get everything done so I can go make....

And seens as I forgot my camera yesterday (and (I call myself a scrapbooker!) I have no pics of the actual day ~ but Nina and Marion do!!! So go and peek at their blogs :)

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michelle said...

sounds so wonderful, so happy for you! and shame on you for forgetting your camera! lol