Monday, 23 June 2008

So. I tried to tidy my stash.

Last night, while watching Mary Queen of Shops (of course! what else would you watch on a Monday night???) I sat and riffled though the stash pile that has been occupying our dining room table. It seems to be breeding ~ not that it's a bad thing, I mean you can never have too many supplies... right?

So. I guess its kinda tidy. I have bagged up all my scraps and non 12"x12" sheets, boxed my whole 12"x12" sheets, boxed all my stamps, boxed my embellies and bagged all my alphas. I even have a box now for adhesives... I just know it will never stay this way and in any case, how do you scrap and stay tidy?! I seriously need some suitable space saving scrapping storage. Like now.

And the plan today is to absolutely blitz the bookshelves that 'supposedly' hold my stash, so as it can all find a nice home...........

................... Also I need to tackle a huge amount of ironing, washing, cleaning and general naff chores.

p.s. Congrats to Nina's sister and family who have welcomed their new bubba :)

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michelle said...

well i never stay tidy while I am scrapping. I do try to clean up after every project - and that is putting everything away- and starting fresh, but while i'm in the midst of it all it is a DISASTER!