Friday, 13 June 2008


Today I had sooo much fun. You know I made things (beautiful new class things).... I saw scrummy stash all day and I spent the whole day with two fantastic ladies :) I am just so happy with my new job.

So we talked classes and talked about new ideas. We talked about a monthly kit for the shop and I am sooooo happy :) I cannot tell you how much this whole job is not actually like a job. So watch this space (and here : and here: and maybe get our newsletter if you fancy a fabby class...

Tomorrow i'm back to reality of London Care, split shifts and chaos. I am kinda really looking forward to it but partly sad that now, this job means alot less to me... Hey~ho. I'm sure it will be ok.

Well, more piccies soon... I'm working on a cute Hambly overlay book using the fan-tab-u-lous 'Berry sweet' range; don'tcha just love it???


michelle said...

well, I am so happy that your new job is everything that you wanted. a monthly kits sounds like a great idea and your kit idea sounds wonderful!

sunshine and curls said...

So pleased you are loving your new job. I will have to book a class soon.