Wednesday, 7 October 2009

I have been hacked!! ARRRGG!

Damn hackers.
I can assure you that porn is not usually on the agenda of this blog... I promise. It seems that the Sugar and Spice blog was hacked and from that mine too... i'm not sure if any of the other girls got hacked but the post I found this morning was pretty weird!! ;)

Well, just to prove I am actually a scrapbooker and not some exotic porno star, you can see the LO I did for Sugar and Spice below.... I used the most gorgeous paper from Cosmo Cricket and those lovely wooden making memories letters, along with Marion's stamps *wub*.

Other than that.... i've been working, sleeping and eating (well, we have to eat don't we ;)) I haven't been making much really. (other than a mess) Luckily though we have our passports back and are ready to go to Euro disney! Yay! Emily is sooo excited. I however, am thinking now about four or so hours getting there with Benji!, him in a normal bed! and just containing him in general :D I think it will be fun *the type with gritted teeth*

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Fairyqueen said...

now are you sure your a scrapbooker and not something else LOL You never know what people get up to behind closed doors LOL

OOHHH very jealous I want to go to Disney