Sunday, 18 October 2009

My Treat.

This is my treat to me each month. This kit. The feeling I get each month opening up this box! Ripping open the brown paper bags, I used to try to gently peel the stickers off and save the bags but I just have ended up with too many; so now I just tear them! I thought I needed a LO to explain how much these boxes of goodness mean :D
In other news:
We went out last night, after my shift at L/C. I drank way too much white wine. I still feel rather 'squiffy' and am glad to know it's Emma tonight on tv and I can curl up and watch it in bed. I might attempt alittle making but i'm not sure much will be done. The night was to remember Paul, who has been gone for a year now. It just seems much longer. It was lovely to see Kerry, Leanna, Ben and Scott. It was hillarious to hear that baby Ruby had called Ben 'monkey-boy' earlier that day. It was great to actually do some weekend stuff on the weekend. Thank you to Kevy for driving and letting me have a few too many wines ;)
I also am in this months Scrapbook magazine! Yay! I am hosting the £10 budget challenge. I am so chuffed that peeps have been popping into the shop, texting me, e.mailing and calling to say that they had seen me in there! Whoooo hoo!! (too many exclamation marks but i'm excited)
I also saw the lovely Shaulean in SI this month too :) If you're reading this hun... I loved the LO. It was fabby.
Right. Must go get Ben ready for bed, my pjs on, kiddos into bed and then flop. Self inflicted I know but very worth it.

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