Friday, 16 October 2009

Maybe I just love living in the past...?

Alittle prima to share... Along with a snippet of october afternoon, making memories and my little shoebox. And alittle bit of me :)

I love this paper range. I felt it would be a shame to cover it up, so I used minimal amounts of paper and anything else. I do love the little

The ipod has been chucking up some great songs today. Making me really go back to when that song mattered. My ipod has to have some of the most random-est songs on there. Some I feel ashamed to say I still listen to. Saturday night anyone?? :/

So today it's made me think these thoughts:

The Doors. There was a point when I lived with this guy called Liam, who was a total arse and I might add still is. We used to watch this film most Friday nights, ok he watched and I was merely there. Instead of going out which is what I wanted to do. He lived his life very similar to James Morrison (apart from the successful part) and he idolised him and unfortunately I idolised Liam right then. Believe me your mother is usually right, if only we listened! Anyhoo. 'Break on through' kicked up on my ipod and I wanted to share that thought with you.

Love Inc - Superstar, DJ Sammy - Boys of Summer. Working at Jimmies. Chris Wortley. The twins... Maria and not sure what her sister was called. Kate. Young Farmers dances. Coalville. Jimmy Deans!! Need I say more.

Iio- Rapture. Chris Gufreys stag do. Jimmy Deans (again). Blue diesel. Vincent Cox. The flintstones. GHB. Stu-pot. The tigra. Being a muppet. The mission. I don't do, yet do do dancing. Free bar (!).

Junkie - Rollercoaster. My teen years. 15. 16. Short streaked bright red hair. Louise Werner. Pedro's parties. The hammer. The riverside. Cider. School. Work. Party. Last buses. Sileby. Orange 'council colour' denim hipsters. Yellow puffa coat. Shed Seven. Ainleys in Leicester. Not a care in the world!

Hot Chocolate - you sexy thing. Lee Bentley. The Duke of York. Sileby club. Donna. Vic. Bijal. Racheal. Pool. Juke box. Malibu and coke. Archers and lemonade. Busters. And of course that film, which actually I can't remember the name of. I'm sure you know it though.

I love how music just makes me remember each and every moment in my past. Good, bad or indifferent. It makes me happy.
It's got me thinking that I need a little ipod type mini album. To note down all these thoughts, so I remember then forever.

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