Wednesday, 7 February 2007

One day unaccounted for...

Yesterday just disappeared to nowhere and i'm not sure how. It's not as if I actually got anything done, besides starting everything and finishing nothing...

Today hasn't been much better. Went out- freezing cold and came home quickly as tooooooo perished to think about anything. Realised our dangerous hanging roof tile had been move- hooray... at least i'm not liable to kill the postman now.

Emily drops a cup on Ben's head- a little purple bruise has appeared and no doubt social services will be informed, lol about my neglectful mothering... ha ha ha. She actually cried more than he did. But in seriousness, emily is now only allowed to drink SITTING down, not hovvering over Ben in his chair.

Other than that still waiting for photos and stash to arrive. Solicitors app. tomorrow which'll fleece another £50 from my stash fund. Boo!

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