Friday, 2 February 2007

Stash diet, What stash diet???

Well, i'm supposed to be curbing the spending on stash but it's tooooo addictive. You know it really is an addictive habit and hobby to have, of course the fabby fabby papers and goodies there are about does not help. I keep telling myself it's ok because I brought them in the sale... Even if it has cost me ££'s

I actually have been fairly lazy today- after running round all week I thought that we deserved it and so Ben, Emily and me have just snuggled up and watched cartoons all morning and sipped hot chocolate, although Emily thinks it's coffee...!

We may have a move date too- the 15th of Feb! However, if it is then I have heaps of work to do in packing, cleaning and more sorting... but as i've now found and am using freecycle it's a great way to rid yourself of trash without even leaving your comfy warm house- rather than endless trips to various recycling banks and the dump.

Have a huge project on my hands too for my sisters birthday (21st March) and so am busy beavering away with that whenever the kids will let me. Really hope (fingers crossed) that she will be pleased with it and it's not all too much.

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