Saturday, 3 February 2007

Sunny Saturday...

The sun is out today- in fact for the beginning of Feb it's pretty warm. The sunshine always makes you feel happier even though I haven't scrapped once today.

The morning and lunch time was spent round at Kev's parents and then we came home and I put both little monkeys to bed... (see piccie for those two chimps) I am still trying to get together 100 photos to order from to make the £6.49 deal, even tho i've taken piccies from all pooties i'm stil 14 short... Going to just add 14 random, not so good, won't feel guilty about hacking up pics.

We finally have had our completion date confirmed- It is the 15th of Feb- for SURE! Yay! We can really start the mammoth task of packing and sorting stuff out. Must remember to book a man with a van this time as removals are so over rated... Kev and his Dad ended up doing most of it last time and he charged us £1500. It was a complete waste of stash spend, lol. It will be a busy week then though as Kevy is on half term (although he has to go in for one day), we will have to do all that last minute packing and we have said we'll go and see Jill as New Years was the last time we saw her and the kids. She is having a hard time just lately and wanna go and see her and tell her how much we love her! She is a wonderful sister and a fabby mummy.

So busy, busy this week and especially next and a NEW home! That, more importantly is OURS. All i'll need then is a little job to fund my stash habit- still very very narked that my happy scrappers order hasn't arrived! I paid extra for first class royal mail delivery on Thursday and I would've thought it would be here today but it won't be here until Monday as they sent it with parcel force... Have since heard bad reports about their postal service, oh joy!

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