Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Being a little naughty...

Well, our broadband isn't gonna be on for a while and have found an unsecured wireless network- not sure how legal this all is but hey i'm now on the net quickly and easily than using dial up!

Truly inspired by Elsie Flannigan- please check out her fabby blog and even more fabby pictures. As she would say 'it makes me GIDDY!' when I look at it and so i'm making my own 12 x 12 patterned paper doodles- inspired by Elsie. (thank you!) Cannot wait until her new lines come out and I can get my hands on all those fabby new products.

We have had storms here today! Thought at one point it would wake Emily up as the thunder was so loud. But both slept through it amazingly. Hopefully i'll have a peaceful afternoon, well at least until they wake.

Found an old diary the other day - from when I was 11years plus (to about 14) my god!!! It was weird reading how I was then. Really weird thinking back to those times when we used to hang around my little village and just do nothing!

Well best get back to it!

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