Friday, 9 February 2007

SNOW SNOW and more SNOW!

Well, woke up yesterday to a huge blanket of white snow everywhere and Emily excited!!! I, however was not quiet so enthusiastic about it all, lol. Managed not to venture out until the solicitors appointment and we are not officially all signed sealed and delivered! We can move and get the keys on Wednesday (fingers crossed there are no more gliches).
Kev also had the day off yesterday and we women all know how it is- too many chiefs and all that... Still he did take Emily out and do the post office run, so shouldn't complain.
GOING to my crop on Sunday!!! First time I will have been child free since August... can you believe it??? What will I do with myself...??? And my new stash arrived yesterday and the photos from pixmania- which were fabby!!! 100 prints and photo mug for £7.49 a complete bargain--- ORDER some!!!
Not sure how Kev will cope with the pair of them together, but maybe its time he walked in my shoes for a while and sees how easy (not) it really is. Just concerned that the pair of them will have a crabby day because Daddy will be in shouty pouty mode because he will actually have to DO something. (As you can tell Kevy isn't flavour of the month this week) ...

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Anonymous said...

Hope Emily enjoyed the snow :) See you on Sunday :)