Tuesday, 13 May 2008

I have a big bug!

An old Sunny Southend piccie (took at Easter...)

My expression arrived this morning :) All the way from Illinois (is that how you spell it?)... Well, it's here. I 'borrowed' the printer lead and so I can plug it in, seens as it has a US plug. I love it. Emily has had me cutting apples all morning. I know once I get the SCAL software going I will be swept away with its capabilities. I have a million and one projects planned! (and a list *soooooo* long with fonts to download to use)

We are enjoying the sunshine here, the past few days have been so hot! I worked all weekend again. I was supposed to just work on Saturday 6:30am til 4pm. No, I got home at 10:50pm on Saturday night and went back in on Sunday for more! 6:30am til 11:30am and I was nearly forced into staying (WTF! The ideas of that place sometimes are alittle strange!) And I nearly had the phone all Saturday night too! So I missed the whole sunny weekend but did earn alot more than I anticipated, so it's all good.

And the diet ~ i'm still going! So yes, I feel for all you laydees who are cutting back on the food and coke/pepsi/dr.pepper... and the alcohol... lol! (or not, as I refuse to cut that out!) Big Weigh In Wednesday tomorrow!! :)


Anonymous said...

good luck for tomorrow. I have just eaten loads of my childrens' sweets and am feeling slightly sick. bloody nurse weighed me this morning (without any warning) at the doctors. SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED.

michelle said...

good luck on the weigh in! they say if you can make the first 21 days you are good! girl, those hours are crazy! glad you didn't have to stay. i'm sure you will have tons and tons of pics of all your fabulous projects