Monday, 19 May 2008


I worked all weekend. When I say all, I mean all. I was supposed to be on splits but one of my colleagues was taken to hospital on Friday with stress. Yes, blue lights and everything. I guess when I think my job is stressful, I now know it really is. So I worked 6:30am til 9pm on paper although, it is actually closer to ten by the time I get out of the door on both Saturday and Sunday. We were busy. We were super busy. There were alot of complaints about carers. ALOT of getting shouted at. ALOT of carers running behind (because so many went off sick and so many extra calls were given out)... and in all this chaos the diet is still going strong ;)
Even when, on Sunday I had three peeps eating yummy, yummy bacon, eggs, mushrooms in a cob.... I still stuck to my big 'D'.

I can say though, last night I slept so well... I just can't remember any of the night. I think I was comatosed :) And Emilycame in bed this morning and we both went back to sleep in a little snuggle. The postman woke us at 8:45am with a box of goodies *sigh* damaged goodies... yes, the ravages of the postal service totally have savaged a beautiful beatiful pile of stash...

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michelle said...

well, don't work yourself into the ground! sometimes when you need to crash, you crash. take care of yourself.