Thursday, 8 May 2008

I'm not hungry (yet)

So the SF diet is going well. Shake for breakie, shake for lunch and last night I had pizza and a huge salad. I am guessing I did go over the 600 cals that i'm 'supposed' to have but seens as I have so much to loose and when i've done the plan before I have had whatever I wanted (within reason) for my 'meal'. And yesterday I didn't eat any snacks either.

I didn't even have a single sip (let alone 2 litres) of coke *gasp* yes really. None what so ever. I haven't today either. Water all the way. Can't promise this will last though.

On the coke subject ~ a random fact... today in 1886 Coke was first brought out (except it contained cocaine, which was replaced by caffeine 17 years later)... it's still addictive and for me to cut it out it has to be cold turkey. I can't just do one glass, one enevitably leads to another...

Still no pics... but Happy VE Day.


Joanna Butchart said...

when i started to lose weight in january, the one thing i was advised to do was to give up diet coke. Apparently the sweeteners used in it can actually cause you to hold on to weight!!!!!!!! I still miss it but it did work. I also gave up alcohol for a very short period of time but figured that with two children gin AND wine are a necessity of life. Good luck with it all although i am sure you look fab as you are

michelle said...

600 calories is not enough! omg! how do you have any energy girlfriend? I've been doing jenny craig for 2 months and I'm on 1200 calories. I am glad it's working out for you, just be careful!