Thursday, 14 May 2009

It's that happy time of the month again :)

This is just a little sneak at the kit that came yesterday. It's not a great pic, as I outed all the brown bags of goodies and they are all underneath... this cute fabric album is on top though!! OMG! I don't think Kev has ever seen me so excited. Like this kit totally rules my life right now :D Paper just is so cool! How anyone can not get crafting I just don't know... So anyhoo, this album is my little perfect project inbetween making heaps of other stuff, work, classes and everything else that is my life. Wouldn't it just be fab to have some time for me?? Ok, some real time. Instead of 9pm - midnight, when actually the majority of the time i'm too knackered to be productive... hmmm. Well, i'm so excited about kit. It's totally fab.

I did this LO last night as I watched The Apprentice, Desperate Housewives and the repeat of Shameless... WTF!?? That was one weird episode. Seriously weird. But great all the same.

I love shoes. I love pumps. My feet hate heels. I have always hated heels, even tho they make you feel ultra cool for like five seconds and then my feet just hurt too much. Comfort always wins with my feet. Well, these babies were a bargain £4. I loved them to death, quiet literally... they stunk so much I slung them away in the end. But they were cute shoes... with bows.

This I started last night and finished today. I have three slotted in journo'ing cards. Sad stuff in a way but happy to know we still have our little boy, even though he was very, very poorly.

I love the new crate paper range, the colours are bright but toned down alittle... I love yellow too atm. I love deers and this kit has so many cool deers, birds and stars!! :) Oh, I am happy :D
Right, off to check on our roast chicken dinner and wake the boy from his snoozing. Happy times :D

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Tinkerbelle said...

I love the plain card that you have placed those yummy goodies on xxx and shoebury looked great fun although windy xxx hope to pop n see you next week xxx