Wednesday, 6 May 2009


Yesterday I did these two LO's. The second I had already started the night before... but had to put on hold, due to tiredness... :)

This one was probably the last one i'll managed to squeeze out of my Sarahs Cards kit. I have used nearly all of the flowers, I have very little Bazzil left and lots of scraps of patterned paper. I am going to try and make some cards with what i've got left, I figure unless I do... these scraps will stay in a box until they get chucked out years later. My new motto is going to be 'use it now!' I know if I don't, the chances it does get used is slim. Very slim.

This one I did with my SC kit. I can't say the whole wedding papers are really my thing. I am not married... and both my mums marriages ended on pretty bad terms. I did see Helen scrapping pics of her parents wedding at crop and i'm sure Claire had done the same the previous crop... I dug this photo out. I honestly don't have many pictures of mum with Clive (my dad). This is mum and my sisters dad. It's not even the proper photo. It's only a proof, i'm not sure where all the original pictures went to, i've scrapped one and the rest... I am assuming that he destroyed them along with many pictures of Carolyn and Jill as babies :( Between us I have the majority of the photos. I have one or two of Jill as a baby, none of Carolyn. The photos of her start from when she was around one. It makes me sad really to never actually know all those little details about the pictures. hmmm.
I also found (well, ok I knew where it was) an old bible yesterday, it has many names written in the back, beautifully with fountain pen. I am sure it is detailing my mums mums side of the family. I was sad to read that a few of her babies had died very young. I am sad that I guess I will never know about any of this. I really know very little of my past. I only know snippets. It is further proof to me that scrapbooking really isn't just about pretty pictures.
I also recieved my moo cards today!! My order is missing my stickers :grrr: but the cards look fabby!!! :D I am planning on using them on LO's and I have a little holder which I ordered too, to make a weenie mini to hang on my keys. I was surprised to see them packaged in a cute white plastic box :) Another mini I think! So I am pretty happy with them turning up today.
I am of course, ever patiently waiting for my SC kit... :) I will be so excited when this comes this month. This month is the biggy. I'm just waiting for that dispatch email .....

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Tinkerbelle said...

i love the wedding LO and it has inspired me as I have found an old photo of my mum and dads wedding xxx thank you for my lovely comments xxxx

Hope to see you soon, (Big sad face!!) I am on a stash ban so have stayed away from SNS.... but i feel a little visit coming.. I could just look!!!!

Will speak to you about the crop xxx hugs xxx