Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Windy beach happiness.

Yesterday I managed to make this while watching CSI, tweeting and sitting on the sofa relaxing. It's pretty plain and not much to it but I wanted to use some of my old OA supplies and those glittery alphas from an old SoML kit.

Yesterday during the day, we headed off to the beach. We found the most beautiful and deserted place on Shoebury beach :) and found the tide had just been in and was on it's way out. It was pretty windy but not too cold. We found these live goodies... to bring home and cook. Emily was fascinated by it all. Esp when we cooked the cockles in lemon juice and they all opened up. We also found this...

As you can see, we were rather wind swept! Here's Emily digging about and collecting cute shells.
I stuck Ben in some of his cheap pumps and he enjoyed a paddle... wellies would've looked just too wrong with cropped trews!

As you can see the whole place was deserted... just the wee little beach huts, a few crabs and us :)

It was a windy but very happy Tuesday spent doing very little but having fun :) which is he best type of doing nothing.

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